*Drum Fill*

So I haven't written anything significant since before my daughter was born. Nor have I seriously gamed in that time. Sue me, I've been busy throwing all my time into daddyhood and trying to keep the house from falling apart. It's been too long since I've invested myself in a game that meant something instead of a mostly-anonymous online timewaster (though nightly DDO sessions with my wife is a possible exception to that). I feel like I've let my gamer license lapse.

I'm working on options, but I think I'll be limited to board games at first until I remember how to relate to people and not feel like I'm out of place at the game table, though I really want to do a few more sessions of The Bickering Eight to tie up some loose ends and bring those stories to some sort of conclusion. So much gaming to do, so little time.

I've been having crazy ideas lately, too. I've been devouring videos of talks from TED, and just yesterday I tripped across the Gel conference's site and online stash of talks. It fills me with a sense of hope, a desire to make the world a better place, a need to =do= something. I'm coming at it from a gamer's perspective, but all I have are wild, disconnected thoughts and glimpses of the end state of what I want to create. I have no plan, and can't see the middle steps yet. I don't know if these ideas are crazy enough to work or just plain crazy.

Hopefully more of this will set like a tasty pudding in forthcoming posts.

For now, I want to start by building healthy habits. Y'know, flossing, yoga, thinking clearly, being human, gaming regularly, and writing something at least once a week. I've started to convince myself I'm a lump and that needs to stop.

Time to get me on the potter's wheel and start making something out of myself...

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