The Wombat Workshop

A Magenta Graffito.
Little Notebooks for Big Adventures.
The Wombat Workshop is presently A Thing.

I've sold a couple of notebooks. I've talked it up a little at work, and I gave away a few of my prototypes. I have people at work interested in buying. I will have a table at a friend's small craft fair in a couple of weeks, in an environment with hopefully other interested buyers.

The Wombat Workshop is born. Or maybe Wombat's Workshop? What sounds better to you? Maps for sale will fall under this business name as well, I think.

If you're interested in purchasing notebooks from me directly, you can contact me on Google Plus, on Twitter, or via Email, with payment via PayPal. Let me know what color(s) you're interested in and I'll see what I can do.

The Punch List
So many things need to happen. I need to make more notebooks to sell, first and foremost. Showing up to a craft fair with only 20 notebooks ain't gonna cut it. Figuring out what colors people want will take some time in the field, but I'll take my best guess at it and we'll see how it goes.

Goings On

I've had plenty of irons in the fire lately.

Current Projects
I recently updated my Editing CV to reflect what I've been editing lately. I'm excited about putting the final touches on Drongo, consulting on the Moonquake Escape rules, and helping out with Black Powder, Black Magic in whatever capacity I can. That said, I should have the time for smaller projects. Please give a shout if you need an editor or proofreader and we'll start talking.

I really like this first map.
Aside from that, I've got a few side projects in the works. I've been mapping and binding a bit lately. Maybe it's time to mash those pursuits together.

Hopefully this weekend I can scan in some of my 3x5 maps to start playing with layout and figure out how to print/bind/laminate them effectively. I'm toying with other binding projects, just to see what's available and what I can do efficiently to bring more hand-made books to the hobby. More on those as they happen.

Intro to Binding

I've been making my own (small) notebooks lately, as I mentioned previously in My First Attempt at Binding. I've been posting several pictures on G+, and then people started requesting a video. I had some time, so I recorded and edited 2 videos yesterday.

The first one covers the tools I use in binding, all of which have Amazon links in the video description if you're interested in picking them up. About $100 will get you started with all the tools you need to get a zine assembled and out the door.

This video is 2 minutes long. What can I say? I enjoy working in a limited space.

Fevered Haiku

I have Teh Sick. I left work early yesterday and caught an earlier train.

I got inspired to write while feverish on the ride home. I cranked out 17 haiku (one for each syllable) in about 30 minutes. Some are tremendously meta and self-referential, some stray near the artsy interpretation of concrete reality.

Today I decided to share. Who knows, this may inspire someone at some point. If you can use them, great. Please let me know so I can add a link to you.

I took every photograph in this article with my cell phone.

All written on and
Inspired by my train ride in
the rain on Thursday.

Dark rain-embroidered
Windows paint the wind's preference:
Either calm or gale.

My First Attempt at Binding

I picked up all the tools for zine production, so this morning I did a quickie binding project. I found an old pad of graph paper, and my daughter had some green card stock that I swiped. A few rotary cuts, four green-colored staples, and four corner rounding chomps later I ended up with these: