Glimmer Fenrock

Gnomish twins happen maybe once in a generation, so the extended family came to Erdgeist when Enid and Glimmer drew their first breaths. Glimmer kept wandering over to the Citadel in Erdgeist to watch the dwarven elite warriors practice weapons. He fell in with a few roguish dwarves also hanging around, and they proceeded to get each other in trouble incessantly. Enid ended up keeping an eye on Glimmer to try and keep him out of trouble, but she couldn't be everywhere at once.

The family moved to Aldunleigh so Glimmer's parents could tinker and work for various Dunhill merchants. Erdgeist had dark beer, but Dunhill had strong whiskey. Glimmer left Enid to her studies and found the worst dens of layabouts and troublemakers to entertain himself. He's not dumb, but the humans the he though were friends managed to outmaneuver him, and he took the blame for a jewelry heist even though he wasn't involved at all. He got wind of his impending arrest and went to Enid to say goodbye. To his surprise, she volunteered to go with him.


The Lost Library of Stonemoor

From the notebooks of Tilly Redmoon.

About 300 years ago, Caragh, the Mage of the Moor traveled from castle to castle and sold her services to many of the Banner Kings across Dunhill. She usually collected spells and lore in exchange for her time and talents, and she needed somewhere to keep all of that information. She bought the rights to the Stonemoor and built a stone tower at the center of a labyrinth cut into the peat bog.

Researchers came from far and wide to walk the labyrinth and consult with Caragh and browse the Library of Stonemoor. The bard Blayne Doss recorded in his Wanderwords II how he walked up four flights of stairs and through a glowing doorway to get to the library, and in Fabula De Colligendis Cognitionis (The Story of Knowledge Gathering) the philosopher Stilo Aelius mentioned a trap door in the basement of Caragh's Tower. None of the written accounts agree on where the library lay within the tower, leading me to believe that it still exists in a pocket dimension somewhere. Does the entrance still exist in the Stonemoor? All accounts agree that the knowledge stored in the library would take several lifetimes to fully read through.


Enid Fenrock

Gnomish twins happen maybe once in a generation, so the extended family came to Erdgeist when Enid and Glimmer drew their first breaths. Enid's parents taught her the family trade as she grew up, and she spent her spare time researching dwarven history and magical crafting since they lived in the capital city of the Molten Throne. The family later moved to Aldunleigh to work for merchants in Dunhill, so Enid studied there as well.

Glimmer had a knack for getting into trouble, so Enid kept bailing him out as dedicated family does. They settled into their lanes: Enid had the brains, and Glimmer had the brawn. Eventually, Glimmer made a mistake and the twins had to run before the law caught up with them. They booked passage to Fellport on a merchant sloop, but the ship got captured by pirates. Old Captain Pete found out about their run-in with the law and decided to offer them spots on the crew. They accepted and started their life as pirates aboard the Grey Rover.


The Rumor Mill - Week 8

Now calling: week 8 of The Rumor Mill, where we delve into some rumors involving the transmission of information or its prevention. In many ways information transmission ends up as a meta topic, since uncovering secrets and communicating across long distances both lie at the heart of playing a remote role-playing game. From "how far am I from the ogre?" to "I need to let the rest of the party know what I found out right now," we can't play a tabletop game without communicating information.

For our purposes, we'll deal with topics found in the world around Fellport. I'm being vague in a few cases here, because some of this information may come up in a future game. No spoilers, as they say.


Lt. Terry Duncan

Terrence O'Dowd Duncan came into this world on a rare sunny day in late spring in Donnchadh Castle, the Duncan family castle at the heart of the village of Cullenkirk near the capital city of Aldunleigh in the Dunhill Confederacy. He spread his sunshine to everyone around him as he grew up, always making people laugh with his antics and terrible toddler jokes. His father Nal-Syrith worked as an Alfinwald ambassador to Dunhill in Aldunleigh, and the Monarch recalled him soon after Terry turned 2, citing the low-key scandal caused by Terry's birth. The task of raising him fell on his mother, Ellie Duncan, a young human daughter of the family.

When he grew into his body, he joined the other black sheep of the family in The Jongleurs, a touring performance troupe. Duncan spent hours perfecting his routines, first tumbling, then ropewalking, and finally juggling. He took to juggling daggers like a true bannerman takes to whiskey, and he never looked back. He spent several years touring the coast with The Jongleurs, sampling the bounty the world held and enjoying life.