Puppet Mushrooms

Mushrooms growing in a humid environment make sense, but maybe not right by the water in an active harbor. And yet, people have found this odd variety of mushroom growing around Fellport Harbor over the past few weeks. Experimentation shows that it causes blackouts when ingested more often than not.

The main grey stalk sprouts two smaller stalks that curve upward like a pitchfork, and the caps come in a variety of colors and patterns. The first samples had 5 large black dots around the reddish-puurple cap, looking like eyes. Couple that with two smaller stalks that resemble arms wearing smaller caps like mittens, and the name Puppet Mushroom stuck.

Rumor Mill - Week 22

Since we focused on war last time, week 22 of The Rumor Mill covers diplomacy and related topics. Visit Fellport's lunch hotspot and catch all the ambassadors while they're eating! Try a brand new mushroom guaranteed to make you black out! Uncovers clues in the murder of the Ionian ambassador! Climb the Reception Stair and see the Lady at the Crossroads! Walk Diplomat's Row and get a glimpse of all the nations with embassies in Fellport (except Alfinwald)!

Buckle up, kids. International diplomacy always involves much more turbulence than you expect.


Violet Sienna-Bay-Umber

Violet's fascination with magical items, machines, and constructs began with her first memory: her father showing her his clockwork mouse when she was 2 years old. She made her own soon after, remaking it into a different animal every month or so. She spent every available moment of her youth with her nose in a book or asking one her maker mentors endless questions about the process of creating useful and clever machines.

She read her way through her father's library, then left home to consume the Molten Throne's library in Erdgeist. She moved on to the Runlorg Society in Occam before coming to Fellport to join the Lorekeepers at the College. Her brain filled with ideas, but she lacked the money to start anything. She took a job as a gong farmer with the Amaryllis Estate, collecting night soil from around Fellport for use as fertilizer, and starting forming a plan to make life easier for everyone.

Fellport Cleanliness Authority

An eight-pointed sun logo.
The Ubiquitous FCA Logo
As Fellport grew, removing the trash and wastewater became a larger and larger problem. In Imperial times, engineers diverted Crystal Lake into a system of fresh water tunnels under each level in the city nicknamed the Raceway, but they made no provisions for waste removal since the city barely had enough residents to qualify as a city. The harbor stank for days after a hard rain washed the streets clean, especially on warm summer days. For hundreds of years the Amaryllis Estate hired gong farmers to gather human and food waste from the cesspits and streets of the city for use as fertilizer. Eventually a gnomish gong farmer named Violet Sienna-Bay-Umber hatched an elaborate scheme to make life easier for everyone.

By this time Violet hatched her scheme, the team behind the Lift project had almost completed their work. Violet talked Lord Amaryllis into providing the seed money to start what eventually became the Fellport Cleanliness Authority. Violet rediscovered the engineering map of fresh water lines under Fellport, then hired the Lift's tunneling team to dig a sewer system in parallel that diverted liquid waste toward the Amaryllis Estate for processing. Violet put all the pieces together to invent the toilet and modern sink, which she immediately installed into every building in Fellport.


Max Silverfoot

Max grew up in Stellavallis, the largest city in the Upper Dales. He always ran some sort of scheme in his youth, relying on gaps in information between his marks and the law in a culture reliant on non-written communication. He requisitioned a chain shirt and a spear from the town guard before his 15th birthday, then disguised himself and sold them back for a finder's fee when the quartermaster's deputy came on duty. He studied what few books he had access to, learning to copy different writing styles in several languages and create passable fake documents.

He became obsessed with learning secrets and with playing the Game of Lies to find them out. He left home at 22 and wandered the world to find what he could find. He uncovered secrets in libraries, and he stole hidden books from wealthy hoarders to learn more. He tripped across several spellbooks along the way, and he taught himself a few spells to help with his quest to obtain secrets he could trade for more secrets. He never tired of the Game of Lies, and he became quite accomplished at spinning a tale to gain someone's trust.