In the Name of All That's Holy

Catholic vs. Protestant
in the Thirty Years' War
I survived PAX East and had a blast. More on that in a different post. Between my day job, editing work, organizing game events, and keeping my house together, I'm too busy to think. This feels somewhat like I'm strapped to a roller coaster with a big stupid grin, but inwardly waiting for something to snap. More on pieces of that in a different post. And I sketched out the basic outline of an OSR starship combat system. More on that after I play with it a bit and see if it actually works.

Holy Crap!
It's Holy Week in the Christian tradition. I sang at last night's Maundy Thursday service, and Easter will be here on Sunday. Christmas and Easter are the Big Christian Holidays, being the Alpha and Omega in the life of the prophet.

Which begs the question, "What holy days do the people in your game world observe, and how are they celebrated?"

Two Weekends of Games

The next two weekends will be full of games. This Saturday is International Tabletop Day, and next weekend is PAX East. I'm thrilled to pieces to be doing something for both events. I created an RPG scenario designed to run from business cards at one or both events.

International Tabletop Day
It's an excuse to reach out to fellow gamers and invite them to play something. I'm organizing an event at my church in Shrewsbury, MA. Feel free to stop by between 10 AM and 5 PM if you're in the neighborhood and want to get your game on. We'll be playing games all afternoon, so bring a game you'd like to share.

Unenlightening Post

Kinda like that.
Art by Khairul Hisham.
As seen in Covert Ops.
I'm reminded of a quote that never actually happened:
Not every post needs to be profound.
                                    - Me
I need to get a few things out of my head. Buckle up for Short Attention Span Theatre, and feel free to heckle.

The Bospor Incident
I'm almost done with prep for this Classic Traveller game. I've got 10 business cards with PCs, and another 10 with player props, info, and combat cheat sheets. I'm hoping I don't need the rulebooks at all during the run, and I think it'll be a fun time. Bonus: unused PCs can easily morph into NPCs, and I can add them in later as people walk up, especially when the feces hits the whirling blades. I'll be running at PAX East if not before, so hit me up if you want to play.


Classic Traveller - The Bospor Incident

I've been rolling up characters for Classic Traveller in support of an adventure I'm prepping for PAX. It'll be similar to an adventure I ran way back in college, but I'm refining it and calling it The Bospor Incident. I'll have pregens, so let me know if you'll be at PAX East and want to play. Either comment here or bug me through the medium of your choice.

Those of you familiar with Alien Legion (a late '80s comic I still love) may recognize the name, but I stole it and slapped it on a planet. It seemed to fit in my head. The characters start the game still in service, but that should change by the end of the session, one way or another.

Ley Lines, Definitive Games, and Schrödinger's Aspects

I saw a few things this week that resonated with me. I post so I can find them again, and you may find them interesting as well.

Ley Lines
Kobold Press wants your short fiction about Midgard in a contest called Ley Lines. The judging panel includes Wolfgang Baur and Ed Greenwood. The judges' top 5 stories get voted on publicly and the top vote-getter wins a paid writing commission. You've got until March 14, 2014 to submit your best 2000 word Midgard story, so get cracking.

Definitive Games
Daniel Solis blogs about game design, and this week he gave us his 5 picks for genre-definitive games. I've never played Chronicle, but now I'm interested to try the "ultimate" trick-taking game. As a free bonus, he gives us 4 ways to subvert and hack these games into something new and interesting. This is well worth the read.

Double bonus: Glitter Meeples!