Queen Mary's Return

Prince Philip started this morning with a smile. Yesterday he had ascended to the throne of The Royal Family crew through right of assassination. He stabbed Queen Mary in the back and watched her bleed out as he placed the crown on his own head. Little tragedies like this happen every day in the alleys far from the ghost-lit affluence of respectable society.

True, Mary had been fair and generous during her reign, but lately she kept half of the crew in the dark, Philip among them. Rumor had it she was planning a few high-risk jobs to thin the ranks of the Family. Philip would be damned if he’d play the fall guy for someone else's unchecked ambition.

Besides, Mary’s fake brogue annoyed the hell out of him.

The Real Delgado

“Have you heard? They finished debunking Tony’s notes.” The young woman drags a stool over to her workbench, flipping the tail of her lab coat to avoid sitting on it. "True to his word, you're not mentioned at all."

The Etheric Sphere on her desk glows brighter. The obviously after-market speaker jury-rigged to it emits a voice. “I hadn’t heard. Call it up for me, would you?”

“Sure thing.” She keys in a search on her laptop and clicks a result. She pivots the screen to face the sphere. The first few paragraphs of a news story fill the screen:
Dr. Antonio Delgado was stripped of his medical license on Tuesday after a year-long investigation into his unorthodox treatment of mental illness.

The Ghost in Your Machine

“I’ve got you now!”

The blinking LED on the palm-sized detector next to her monitor goads Gail into pouncing on her keyboard. Typing furiously with a hacker’s focus, she mutters, “Nobody skims on my watch.”

Her fingers blur. Her attention darts between a half dozen points on her screen, all filled with scrolling data. The recorder app in the lower right slowly ticks up as it records more and more data. She smiles, accomplishment’s sunshine breaking through effort’s storm clouds. She clicks “Stop Recording” and drags the recorded file to her thumb drive. “And now I have proof. Jackass.”

[RPG Newswire] Linkdump from July and Early August

So I lied. The previously-reported "loosening up" was vastly over-exaggerated. I'm still here, and I'm juggling the summer schedule and a couple of sizeable editing projects. Hopefully more on those later.

But for now, enjoy another sampling of interesting links.

Image taken from page 204 of 'Z českého ráje. Cestopisné Kresby ... Illustroval A. Nejedlý'
Thank you, British Library!
Game Publisher Sales Numbers
Brent Newhall posted his DriveThru sales numbers for the first half of 2015 on Google Plus. In his words, "Old School Sells". His Old School Renaissance Handbook remains his biggest seller, which gives an introductory overview of 28 systems and interviews with several OSR designers.

Fitz at Moebius Adventures looks back at June in the latest Infinity Loop. We get an overview of current projects, a look at web traffic trends, and an overview of sales numbers. All in all, excellent and useful detail that gives insight into a small gaming business.

As Encoded Designs gets off the ground, it's interesting to read their Q2 Update. The only real sales information they have is for their Dungeon World adventure Dangerous Space Jail. I'm interested to see how Part-Time Gods of Fate fares-Encoded Designs did the writing but that's actually a Third Eye Games product..

[RPG Newswire] Links from the past few weeks

2015 is the Year of the Busy, apparently. I feel like I've been flat out for the past 6 weeks. I think things are loosening up now, since this is the first weekend in a long while that I have nothing solid planned. I may even catch up on some sleep.

(Probably not, though.)

It's time again to free up some memory. Here are a few of the things that I'd like to keep track of.

On Quarterly OSR Zines
Jason Paul McCartan of InfiniBadger Press is putting together a quarterly magazine called OSR Quarterly. Issue Zero is already in the works and due out soon. You can get a jump on the Submission Guidelines (get paid, and paid well to write OSR articles and adventures) and the Advertising Kit (cheap rates for many OSR gamer eyeballs) for Issue One due in the fall of 2015.

Apparently the idea of a quarterly OSR zine makes sense to several people. Greg Gorgonmilk has put together 666 pages worth of crowdsourced OSR goodies, and has announced Gorgon Quarterly, intended to reprint cool things from around the OSR community. Lay out your own articles for a true embrace of DIY zinedom!

Games Old and New
Interested in hearing how Sandy Petersen came back to Chaosium and what his and Greg Stafford's return might mean for the future of Call of Cthulhu? You're in luck! You can listen to this 20-minute interview with Sandy over on Yog-Sothoth.