The Dipped Pen

Tucked next to one of the smaller research libraries at the edge of the College's Upper Campus (Lakeside on Level 11), a narrow wood and glass storefront peeks onto the street. A large quill and inkpot sign hangs over the door. The well-lit interior features clean and orderly bookcases full of paper, ink, pens, and blank books, and a slight odor of leather, paper, ink, and brimstone.

The Dipped Pen offers high quality inks, pens, paper, and spellbooks for any who can afford it. They make some easy money through students living on their parents' wealth, and they offer monthly paper and ink subscriptions, but they also do excellent work with custom spellbooks and special inks. They offer Enduring Spellbooks off the rack for 250 gold, but they prefer to make custom orders for 300-500 gold. They also provide specific inks for each college of magic, granting faster scribing times or +1 caster level on scrolls scribed with a spell from that college.

Lucius Modesto, the bespectacled and balding Halfling owner, has a work desk on a raised platform behind the counter, giving him a view of the entire shop. He can scribe scrolls for a large fee, but he doesn't offer this service to just anyone. He also has a mind for languages and legal loopholes, as he has worked with Tieflings and their parents extensively in the past. He only hires polite and competent staff to handle patrons buying things off the shelf, preferring to get involved only for inquiries about custom work.

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Aurelia Stonecairn

Aurelia stands just over 8 feet tall, strong and sturdy, but she comes across as brusque, especially to people who don't know her. She has no memory of her parents, who died just after her birth. She believes she exists to forge order out of the world's natural chaos, which made her unpopular in her youth when she studied for the traditional clergy. She ended up blazing her own trail and uncovering a slightly different source of power to worship. She decided to move to Fellport when a local group of fellow Firbolgs headed in that direction.

She settled in a smaller house in Talltown, then set to work finding ways to organize some aspect of the city. It didn't take her long to find Highwater House, with its overworked staff of volunteers catering to the otherwise homeless of the city. She set to work doing odd jobs and mercenary spellcasting (everybody needs a healer sometimes, right?) to keep the money flowing, then volunteering as much as she could at Highwater House.

Recently she organized the team of volunteers to make Highwater House run more efficiently, effectively taking a leadership position over the other relieved volunteers. The past year has seen fewer disputes between the tenants and much of the daily stress taken off the volunteers through Aurelia's book of standardized processes for everyone. Aurelia handles any disruptions to the house's routines quickly and quietly.

Aurelia Stonecairn
Firbolg Order Cleric (Level 3) (Acolyte Background)
Str 14  Dex 10  Con 12  Int 10  Wis 16  Cha 14
Insight +5, Medicine +5, Persuasion +4, Religion +2

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Highwater House

Located near the Fellport Glassworks on the Lakeside of Level 4, Highwater House once housed Glassworks employees. An economic downturn emptied the house for years, but when the bottom 3 levels flooded during the Godstorm thirty years ago, people fixed it up and lived there until the waters receded. Everyone started calling it Highwater House, and it has provided a place to stay for anyone needing shelter ever since.

Funded by donations from private citizens, successful businesses (including the Fellport Glassworks who still technically own the property), and organizations (most notably The Garden Manor Society), Highwater house provides free lodging to whoever needs it. An industrial kitchen provides a passable meal every evening at sundown on the ground floor. If you can pay for your room, you get an assigned space on an upper floor (locks cost extra), otherwise you get what you get. Evenings in the common area on the ground floor can get crowded on cold nights.

Designed for efficiently packing people into small spaces, this 4-story brutalist grey stone structure sprawls along the Landside of Tallglass Way like a beached whale made out of precise right angles. Its roof sits barely three steps below the next level up, providing a rooftop veranda and gathering space for the residences above. Weekly neighborhood get-togethers happen on the roof, weather permitting, with an easy atmosphere of social mingling, games, and making business contacts for future enterprises.

Recently a firbolg named Aurelia Stonecairn has volunteered to take over the day-to-day running of Highwater House, providing a strong hand to organize people and settle disputes. Everyone respects her level head and clear ability to get things done. She lives in nearby Talltown, and she projects an air of authority that few dare question.

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Thaddeous Reed

As the Chief Artisan of the Fellport Glassworks, Thaddeous has many financial matters on his mind lately. The success of the Glassworks acts as a double-edged sword, requiring more materials and artisans to keep up with the demand without overextending when demand drops. The rumors about sand shortages could not have come at a worse time, as Thaddeous tries to balance the books and project a path forward for the next 10 years. He needs to find a Conjurer to renegotiate the deal with the Fire Elementals in the Arcane Forge wing, and he needs to install a new member of his board of directors ahead of schedule, as Taylor Johnson died unexpectedly last week.

He doesn't usually wear his suit of Plate, but he feels his Glass Warhammer with the flame head acts as more of an art piece than a weapon. Middle age has caught up to him, and he moves more deliberately now even though his mental and physical strength show no signs of slacking any time soon. His tightly-braided brown and grey beard gets tucked into the ring he wears on a chain around his neck while he works, and his dark eyes sparkle above a broad nose. He rises to nearly human height, but his broad body clearly speaks of his dwarven lineage. He rarely talks about his distant past, and only a few trusted friends know of his foundling origin.

Thaddeous enjoys the process of making, or in his mind "the allowing of things to attain a more perfect state". He started with the traditional disciplines of masonry and smithing, but he craved something more delicate and introspective despite his stiff fingers. Glass called to him, and he spent many years at Fellport Glassworks honing his craft and learning the business. He allows the glass to flow where it wants to flow, creating larger dynamic pieces that emulate the beautiful chaos of water, stone, and fire. He leaves the fine detail work to those with greater aptitude, preferring to create centerpieces and larger sculptural pieces.

He spearheaded the Glassworks Artisan program about 50 years ago, which brought him to the attention of the then-Chief Artisan (now deceased). They groomed him to take over the business, and he took to it readily enough. Twenty years ago he found himself accepting the Chief Artisan position, which put him in charge of the finances. He doesn't really enjoy the business side of things, but he views it as a necessary hardship to bring more glass into the world, so he keeps his grumbling mostly to himself and soldiers on. He has outlived many on his board of directors, but he has ensured that the new directors keep challenging him to keep the company strong.

Thaddeous Reed
Hill Dwarf Forge Cleric (Level 6) (Guild Artisan Background, Crusher Feat)
Str 15  Dex 8  Con 12  Int 13  Wis 16  Cha 12
History +4, Insight +6, Persuasion +4, Religion +4

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Fellport Glassworks

Fellport Glassworks takes up a significant portion of Level 4's Lakeside between the Ramp and the Wall. The campus has several shops with furnaces both traditional and elemental-powered. The traditional furnaces have blowers powered by underground water works to keep the temperature at an ideal level.

The Glassworks made its name by producing the clearest glass in the Empire using locally-gathered white sand. Bottles for beer, wine, and potions still sit at the core of the Glassworks production schedule, but they have always experimented to see what people want. Once they perfected the process, sales of sheet glass for windows took off, only leveling out after every building in the city had the new windows installed. The docks need a steady supply of brass-bound portholes as well, so the Glassworks rarely worries about selling their stock. Lately people have said the sand supplies look much lower than in past years, so rumors fly about a sudden slowdown in productivity.

In the past few decades, the Glassworks has added a few tiny furnaces for artwork made with blown glass, brainchild of the current Chief Artisan Thaddeous Reed. A dedicated community of artisans has sprung up, offering lessons, custom-made objects for magic items, and art pieces both huge and tiny. Prices vary wildly, as does quality, but if you want something specific done with glass, ask the Glassworks Artisans.

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