Specifically, PAX East is a week from tomorrow. I'll be sharing a convention hall with fifty thousand other gamers for the whole weekend. I've got a game lined up and a few panels I'd like to see, and I haven't even looked at the game schedule yet. If you're there and want a face to go with the name, I'll be on Twitter at @twwombat, so DM me or mention me and we'll see what deviltry may arise from our meeting.

In the "forthcoming topics you'll see here" department, I have recently read a post from @AngryDM about his Project Slaughterhouse. It's a very cool framework for running flexible sandbox games and you should check it out right now.

In that post, he introduces the idea of Schrödinger's Gun, the glorious mashup of Chekhov's Gun (if an element is introduced in a story, it must be used) and Schrödinger's Cat (nothing is real until it's observed). I LOVE this, and with his permission I'll adapt and extend the concept to explain how to work with the "Overwhelmed PC" concept from my game. It's a much more elegant term by far than anything I have come up with to date.

But I'm guessing I won't be able to focus on writing anything substantive until after PAX.

Hope to see some of you there!


  1. Schrodinger's Gun...I like that. Not that I have even a tenuous connection to the gaming crowd any more.

    Have a blast, my good man. And next time I'm up in NE for any serious period of time we should try and get together.

  2. Apparently it's a TV Trope, so I can expound and expand to my heart's content. And yes, it's a very elegant term that I just love to say. Hell, I may have to put that on a t-shirt.

    I pretty much put gaming on hold for a few years, but I'm working my way back into it. It's changed, but the basics of making a story and keeping the action moving remain constant.

    And yes, let me know when you'll be in the neighborhood and we'll work out a time to get together. Even if we end up throwing glass bottles at railroad tracks, it'll be good to see you.