PAX East, Friday quick thoughts.

Traffic on the Pike sucks. I knew that, but I ended up getting to the hall around 10:30.

... Holy crap, that hall is friggin' huge.
I did a quick walk through and drooled on the custom gamer tables - I really like the Valet model and I think I can make it fit in the office - and broke through to the other side. I followed the big banner for Tabletop Gaming and came around the wall.

... Holy crap, =this= hall is friggin' huge.
And it's filled with empty tables and a few stalls hawking games. Great place to set up shop and meet people. I gamed with Quinn, Lucas, Ben, Dan, Keith, Todd, Jeremy, and Joe. Zombie Dice, Car Wars the card game, Small World, and Ascension are all really cool.

Poked around and saw the huge lines upstairs for the panels. Might try that today, but having more fun just gaming.

Today I'll shoot for a game of Beans. That should be happy in a con setting. I'm just having fun surfing the crowd and putting faces with twitter IDs. I feel a little weird about finding people and introducing myself - online peripheral conversations don't provide much to hang a real-life conversation off of... But the coolness of the people I've seen makes the awkwardness worth it.

Still need to shower and head over to the hall. I'm not stressing over being in lines - it's too much fun letting the situation drive what I end up doing.

So far, so good.

More later.

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