Off Hiatus. Content Coming.

So it's been 3 weeks since I posted in here, and that feels too long. I was on vacation this first week, and I've been struggling with getting back into the swing of things since then. Life crap and such.

I'm blowing the dust off the Adris game and working on scheduling a few sessions to finish the story arc. This is tricky with 7 players, but it looks like we've got a few mostly-clear Sundays between now and November. I'll be posting a few campaign overview articles here to get the players up to speed with the complex web of plots I put on hold 5 years ago. I welcome everyone to read and comment on those articles, and I hope you can glean something from them even if you're not playing.

I completely spaced on my Game Night Blog Carnival board game review this month. I'm planning on doing two reviews in September to make up for it.

Finally, summer is strangely harder to schedule things what with people out of town on vacations and such. We haven't had a potluck game day in a while - hopefully we can restart that habit in September as well.

So fear not, Gentle Readers, for gaming content draws nigh. Thanks for reading!

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