Character Portraits and Ponies by @thedandmom

Kait (@thedandmom on Twitter) hangs out most days in the Gamer Assembly chat. She focuses on characters and ponies in her art, and sometimes both.

Really cool character study - great details.
Desade Ref Sheet by kaitsurinn
Characters and Ponies, as promised.
Behold the Ponies by kaitsurinn
I love the look of this map.
Western Id√ľn by kaitsurinn
Kait also created the Gamer Assembly logo.
Look for T-Shirts at PAX East. W00t!

Check out her deviantART page and her webcomic entitled Experiment 073. She's illustrating a card game about pirates, about which I have limited information. She's available for illustration gigs and reasonably priced.

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