Brian Patterson, the d20 Monkey

Welcome to another installment of Art Spotlight, which features a few pieces by a different visual artist each week here at Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity. I hope to increase the visibility of artists who create cool images. If you want to be featured, give a shout on Twitter or on Google+ or via email (jim AT twwombat DOT com).

If you're looking for funny and irreverent gaming humor, look no further than d20 Monkey. It's a webcomic created by Brian Patterson, who's also a complete hoot to follow on Twitter, just not necessarily at work. I decided to spotlight Brian this week because of this tweet on Tuesday, where he almost punted his day job. I'm sure very few people would complain if he quit the 9-to-5 and starting working full-time to create more things like this:
Irreverent gaming humor. Also a plethora of dick jokes.
Brian also produces awesome and timely gaming T-shirts available at the d20 Monkey store, like this one when Monte Cook started working as a member of the D&D Next design team.
Many people checked both boxes.
He also provides art for the monthly Caption contest over at Obsidian Portal. Here's April's contest image.
Caption this comic, win a prize! Click for more details.
He also does sketches and commissions, like this one he dashed off for Draw Vecna Day on March 16th.
Poor Vecna. Schoolgirls still make fun of him.
You can see his art used as various Twitter avatars (like @deadorcs and his own @d20monkey) and in the banner at the top of every page at Character Generation. He's currently working to provide character commissions as backer rewards for the Prismatic Art Collection Kickstarter - check out the sample he made over at Sarah Darkmagic.

Follow him on TwitterFacebook, and Google Plus. Keep a close eye on d20monkey.com for his ongoing exploits, including the Innsmouth Garden Society arc which just concluded with a bang. He also appeared this week as a guest artist at the webcomics Hijinks Ensue and Legacy Control. Also be sure to check out the d20 Monkey Online Store and pick up a shirt or a hoodie.

I can't wait to see what Brian does next.

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