Jeremy Kostiew, Mighty Nightgaunt

Welcome to another installment of Art Spotlight, which features a few pieces by a different visual artist each week here at Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity. I hope to increase the visibility of artists who create cool images. If you want to be featured, give a shout on Twitter or on Google+ or via email (jim AT twwombat DOT com).

I've been remiss in not featuring Jeremy Kostiew, so I'm correcting that oversight. A few weeks before PAX East, I noticed he offered to make a logo in a comment on Google Plus. I checked out his profile, and he mentioned battling the forces of awful RPG logo design with less awful RPG logo design. I figured I'd ask if he'd be interested in designing a logo for me.

An initial design and two rounds of edits later, he produced this:

Who could possibly resist a Wombat behind a GM screen?

Needless to say, I ordered and received my RPG Editor business cards featuring this logo in plenty of time for PAX East thanks to Jeremy's quick turnaround. I still need to add the wombat head to the header in here, hopefully in May after some of the craziness dies down a bit.

I noticed that earlier this week he had updated his portfolio page, so it seems like the perfect time to shine the Art Spotlight in Jeremy's direction. He's done a variety of logo designs, including this one:

My favorite logo as found on Jeremy's portfolio page.

I'm interested in seeing more of the character sketches he's done. I like his brief collection of game doodles, including the more organic styling on his sketch work like this:

Werewolf, showcasing more of a sketchbook style.

He cranked out this map in five minutes. It entertained the hell out of me, so I just had to include it:

Jeremy's latest Friday 5-minute map entry.
I want to explore Mount Chocopocalypse.
Originally seen in this Google Plus post.

If you're interested in seeing more of what he's done, take a look at his portfolio page at Mighty Nightgaunt. Jeremy is incredibly easy to work with. He takes feedback in stride and turns around edits quickly. If you need logo work done, do yourself a favor and look him up. You can contact him through his profile on Google Plus. Drop him a line and tell him Wombat sent you.

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