Non-Sequiturs, Inspiration, and Blowing Off Steam

So I had a non-sequitur tweet-off earlier this evening with the inimitable Tracy Barnett, the driving force behind Sand & Steam Productions. It's been a long day and I needed something to jar my mind out of the rut it had been in all day. Apparently all it takes is one simple statement and the will to continue, and suddenly you get something like this...
  • @TheOtherTracy: All I feel like doing right now is tweeting non-sequiturs.
  • @twwombat: Lemon Lemurs?
  • @TheOtherTracy: Biscuit disco.
  • @twwombat: Mother Pheasant Plucker.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Chain-link gazebo.
  • @twwombat: Aquarium Mousetrap.
  • @twwombat: Though I think we may be straying into band name territory.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Mousse-based dental work.
  • @twwombat: Handcart congregationalism.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Band name is the name of my previous left shoe.
  • @twwombat: ...in the whisky shower.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Logical bean trails.
  • @twwombat: "Bucky" Bradbury, western futurist.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Leftover band-aid gravy.
  • @twwombat: We Are The Hamlet's Father's Ghost In The Machine
  • @TheOtherTracy: Blanche the grapes until the supine threshold has been reached.
  • @twwombat: Subluxate the metatarsals, submerged in Napalmolive.
  • @TheOtherTracy: To be, or slap someone on the wrists for yodeling.
  • @twwombat: Having the consistency of bran.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Blank stares into the vorpal netherdrome.
  • @twwombat: Folded left-handed Huxleyism.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Lacking the Proust of our yestergenerations.
  • @twwombat: Pulling cotton candy from the tentacled maw.
  • @TheOtherTracy: Zebra-striped blazing adjectives with buttery steeliness.
  • @twwombat: Doing the tonsil cha-cha with garlic-stuffed olives.
  • @TheOtherTracy: I think you win. I'm sequitur'ed out. Well done! =)
  • @twwombat: Awesome! I was about to concede so I can get my daughter bathed.
  • @TheOtherTracy: This slice of non-sequitur theater is brought to you by #SchoolDaze. Pick up your copy here!
  • @twwombat: And definitely well-played, sir!
  • @TheOtherTracy: Thanks!
  • @twwombat: Thank =you=! I needed something silly after this frustrating day.

Buy this from Tracy.
One statement fed into another as tangents grew tangents, and the ridiculousness kept making me laugh. Now our exchange is preserved for posterity, as if this little bit of fluff needs a solid remembrance. Yes, I took editorial liberty with the order of things, but at least there are no issues with changing the order of a stream of non-sequiturs like this.

Now let's take it one step further.

READER CHALLENGE: Pick one thing (word, concept, syllabic cadence, anything really) from this unrelated pile of absurdity and turn it into a game element, whether for Paranoia, Gamma World, School Daze, Call of Cthulhu, or whatever your fevered brain can think up. Post it somewhere and let me know about it in the comments.

Inspiration can come from anywhere if you let it. Even otherwise frivolous interactions like this. Now go shake your idea tree and let fall what may.

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  1. I present to you, Bucky Bradbury, a new teacher for School Daze:

    Ira "Bucky" Bradbury - Technology

    Ira, or "Bucky" as he prefers to be called, loves technology. No, I mean LOVES it. It's what makes him a great Tech teacher (at least for those willing to listen and put forth some effort). He's a bit quirky, a bit weird, but he's likeable enough. He always seems to be working on some new gadget and if you ask him right, he'll tell you about the time he had the idea for Twitter first. He has a tendency to go off on tangents about new technology and developments in the computer industry. For those paying attention over the years, he's been right about several trends before they hit it big. It's a mystery why he doesn't quit teaching and go into consulting, although his new car seems to be more than a high school teacher could afford...