The Domain Game - Main Page

Welcome to the main page for the Domain Game series of articles. If you need a lightweight way to have your PCs influence a kingdom in your game, or if you just want to play a game out of the dungeon on an international political stage, read on.

The Domain Game kicked off with the Classics Return blogfest during GenCon 2012, where bloggers took classic D&D settings and updated them to work with 4e rules. I decided to do a little something with Birthright domains, so I wrote about describing domains by giving scores to each of D&D 4e's power sources. I got some feedback that people were interested in seeing more, so I thought I'd make a cover page to collect the links to the entire series.

  • Birthright Domains in 4e - Describing provinces in terms of 4e's power sources.
  • What To Do? - A description of the domain turn and a breakdown of possible actions.
  • Economies - How to earn money and influence from your domain.
  • Trade - On gathering raw materials, making things, and trading with other provinces.


  1. I'm absolutely in love with this series so far. I love the almost Traveller-esque domain generation. I would love to run a layer of this in the background during a normal campaign to make the campaign world a little more alive. I can imagine the PCs seeing new construction all around a certain domain, an increase in soldiers, etc. And all of this not scripted as part of the quest-line, but just an evolving world. Then, when the PCs reach name level, they would have a domain of their own to control.

    Like I said, I love it, keep up the good work!

    1. Thanks! I'm glad you like it!

      I'm looking at a third application of this system: Pre-game world generation. There's an issue of scaling if you start Civ-like with settlers on the shoreline, but I think it'll hold up for the most part. Looking forward to playtesting this thing.

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