Unseen At Work

(200 words on the train this morning.)

Hodgkins burst into camp, "Movement, sir!"

"Which route?"

"Primary, sir!"

The commander's smile broke through his beard. "Where's my gold, Baker?"

Baker, as tall as his commander was short, handed over two coins with a smile. "Next time for sure, sir."

The commander pocketed the coins and barked to the camp. "Fourth Unseen, dig in! They're coming straight for us. Hellfire on my mark, small arms to mop up. Go!"

A hundred uniforms melted into the woods, betrayed only by the occasional thump of a Hellfire projector dropping into position.
By The US National Archives
via Wikimedia Commons

"Best unseen division anywhere, Baker." The commander surveyed the preparations. It took three minutes to break camp. They've done it in two. "Baker, send Silent Running."

Baker's voice sounded in his head. Done, sir.

All in place? the commander thought.

We're ready.

Let's earn our pay, people. The commander rubbed the shoulder patch emblazoned with a hazy blue 4 for luck, as he had done a hundred times before. He engaged his cloak and disappeared. Ten thousand infantry walked toward him, surrounding the enemy artillery. In ten minutes they'd all be wondering how they died.

He hoped none of his hundred fell.

Dead men walking. Easy money, people. Oorah!

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