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Bad blogger. No donut.

In my defense, I've been editing my tail off. Right now I'm juggling 3 projects, and there's at least one more manuscript coming just after Memorial Day. More on that as I find time to update my Editing CV.

Earlier this week I saw 2 full-time editing opportunities go by from 2 different, established RPG publishers. I don't think moving across the country is in the cards for me right now, so I thought I'd pass them on in case any of you were interested. So, Seattleites and Austinites, listen up...

Paizo Publishing
Now hiring an Editor. You get to work in the editing pool and sharpen other people's prose. Sometimes you'll work on a blog post, sometimes on the next series of adventures. Sometimes you'll need to work more than 8 hours a day. And you'll need to move to Seattle, WA at your own expense. But that would be one hell of a resume builder.

Steve Jackson Games
Hiring an Editor and a Social Media Manager. Onsite in Austin, TX, the editor position is 4x10 running Mon-Thu 8-6. Sounds like it's mostly proofing and line editing, but there's a whole bullet point dedicated to developmental editing, too. Also "Other duties as assigned; there will be many, and they will be quite varied" brings some added truth to "Other duties as assigned". Also a kickass work credit if you want to build a career in this industry.

So there you go and now you know. I've met great people from both companies, so if you've got the interest and the skillset, and you can make yourself local, GO APPLY. NOW.

Thanks for reading!

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