Browser Dump for June

Wherein I check in with you, my most patient reader.

Editing things are happening at a steady clip. Hopefully I can update my editing CV soon to reflect what's been happening. I also managed to plow through 6 years of filing this weekend. It was a dirty and tedious job, but it needed doing, and I feel a little lighter for getting it out of the way.

Hot enough for lobster attacks.
It'll be hot here in the heart of New England today. Only local hot, not desert hot. Either way, I don't take heat well. This afternoon I'll be glad I packed shorts to change into for the walk to the train.

With those trivialities out of the way, enjoy more trivialities as I share the contents of my browser tabs before closing them out.

Stop Fighting Your Imaginary Friends - J.R. Blackwell reminds us that sometimes our creative minds already crowd out creativity without inviting the fear of your audience's reaction to the party.

OSR Today - A news aggregate site about all things OSR? Yes, please.
Required Magic Items - Room 209 Gaming starts looking at magic items in a Want vs. Need way, specifically reducing the need for power and increasing the desire for coolness.

Lucky Dice Sprites!
Luck in Games - Richard Garfield gives a talk about randomness in games, recorded for posterity on YouTube.

The Sandbox Buddha - On using Buddhist thought to free your creative mind in a sandbox RPG, at Dreams in the Lich House.

Backstory Cards - Not sure if I mentioned this Kickstarter before, but it looks like a great tool to quickly get your group's history together before play. Looks like it'll work as a game in its own right, too.

Spreadsheet of Marginalized Contributors to Gaming Panels - Need a fresh perspective on your gaming panel? Ask one of the people listed here.

Free RPG Day. Pay It Forward. - Carl Bussler tells his tale of earning RPG freebies and drawing new players into the hobby in his new blog Crawling Dungeons.

Legacies Gaming Convention - And speaking of Carl, he's talking about starting a con around Philadelphia starting in August 2015. It's very preliminary at this point, but I'm sure he'll welcome the help if you're interested.

Photoshop Brush for Cartography - Loose Rock Fill - Carl also created a fill pattern for Photoshop, intended for use with RPG maps.

The Well of Souls - Physical copy.
Deckle edge for the win.
Stormlord Publishing - Last feature for Carl, but he's also released The Well of Souls, a DCC adventure from his new company Stormlord Publishing. He's offering a hand-crafted physical version for sale for $5 (+$1 shipping in the US), and it looks gorgeous.

White House Maker Faire - President Obama declared June 18th a National Day of Making, commemorated by the first annual White House Maker Faire.

Codex Book Binding - In the spirit of Making and The Well of Souls, here's one method to bind your own books.

Matt Jackson's latest 'zine.
Hand-stitched and aged.
Hand-Stitched Zines - Matt Jackson does a mean stitched binding. These look great.

Gen Con: How to Start an RPG Career — Freelancing 101 - Wolfgang Baur at Kobold Press gives The Talk on how to start working in the RPG industry. Great tips lie ahead.

RPG Freelancer Round-Up - Steve Segedy put out a call for gaming freelancers on G+ 9 months ago. If you're in need of a freelancer, check this list.

Artist Alley - A new site dedicated to connecting projects in need of art with freelance artists in need of projects.

Charge More Than You Think You're Worth - Figure out what you need to make as a freelancer. Double it. Charge that. Help both yourself and whatever industry you're involved in. Carl Bussler, I'm looking at you.

And now I'm jonesing to craft a zine...

I thank you for reading, and my laptop thanks me for unburdening Chrome.

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