The Water Shrine

I cleaned off my desk this morning, and now I have some space to work. To celebrate, I broke out my kit and made a map. I'm still working freehand, so the lines aren't as sure as they could be, but overall I'm happy with it.

The Water Shrine map, created 23 July 2014.
I used a Sakura Micron 05 to draw the walls, and I went over them twice to give them a little more thickness. I used a Micron 01 for the room contents and fill.

Feel free to use this map if it's useful to you. I may tweak it a little or redraw it using a straightedge, but I think it's complete. The paper comes from a cheap 5 squares per inch composition book. Here's how my brain thought of this place as I drew.

The Water Shrine
Stairs lead underground into a naturally-cooled reception area. Penitents wait for their turn at the Lady's feet, sitting on benches to the left. An attendant welcomes all visitors at the desk to the right. A barrel of water stands ever full near the entryway, a testament to the goddess's life-giving power in this arid land.

A curtain behind the desk masks the entrance to the attendant's spartan bedroom. Beyond the curtain lies the shrine itself, dominated by a 12' tall statue of the goddess. She continually cries tears of the purest water into a large basin build into the stone altar at her feet. Penitents leave offerings on the sides of the altar, and take a ladle's worth of water in return. All who drink receive refreshment and healing from the Lady's tears, and some linger a while in silent prayer.

For those needing more healing than the tears can provide, a passage to the right leads to a small clinic. Three human-sized beds allow the attendant or the healer-in-residence to minister to the sick. The Lady lets all drink, so the clinic recently added a giant-sized bed for members of larger races. A work table and cabinet complete the room's furnishings.

If you use this map, please let me know how it goes and how you populated it.

Thanks for reading!

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