Fevered Haiku

I have Teh Sick. I left work early yesterday and caught an earlier train.

I got inspired to write while feverish on the ride home. I cranked out 17 haiku (one for each syllable) in about 30 minutes. Some are tremendously meta and self-referential, some stray near the artsy interpretation of concrete reality.

Today I decided to share. Who knows, this may inspire someone at some point. If you can use them, great. Please let me know so I can add a link to you.

I took every photograph in this article with my cell phone.

All written on and
Inspired by my train ride in
the rain on Thursday.

Dark rain-embroidered
Windows paint the wind's preference:
Either calm or gale.

Soot streaks my window.
Imaginary tunnels
Obscure tree-wraiths' claws.

Round porthole affords
Views into the powerhouse.
Steel horses belch smoke.

Twin rails touch, showing
Convergence of far future
And forgotten past.

Vanishing points mark
Boundaries of knowledge, and
The start of "What if?"

Rain grants us inklings.
Possibility rivers
Flow to unknown seas.

Man's machines repeat.
Bright charts and counting speak "Truth."
Earth abides despite.

Streaks of past raindrops
Pushing diagonally.
This train is crying.

Old brick factory
Still exists, but now it makes
Something different.

Looming brain fog hides
Unforseen pitfalls; must watch
For self-sabotage.

Burning infantry
Joins fever chill cavalry
Charging down my spine.

I guess I had a
Little something to say. I
Only need emptiness.

Can this one structure
Use seventeen syllables
To convey meaning?

And now I force small
Words in to this form in my
Quest for word/beat match.

Some shine. Some falter.
All come from my fever brain.
All have some meaning.

Thanks for reading!

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