Goings On

I've had plenty of irons in the fire lately.

Current Projects
I recently updated my Editing CV to reflect what I've been editing lately. I'm excited about putting the final touches on Drongo, consulting on the Moonquake Escape rules, and helping out with Black Powder, Black Magic in whatever capacity I can. That said, I should have the time for smaller projects. Please give a shout if you need an editor or proofreader and we'll start talking.

I really like this first map.
Aside from that, I've got a few side projects in the works. I've been mapping and binding a bit lately. Maybe it's time to mash those pursuits together.

Hopefully this weekend I can scan in some of my 3x5 maps to start playing with layout and figure out how to print/bind/laminate them effectively. I'm toying with other binding projects, just to see what's available and what I can do efficiently to bring more hand-made books to the hobby. More on those as they happen.

Crazy Inklings
Aside from that, I have a few ideas percolating.

The Red Pen Consortium: What would you editors out there think about a community site for sharing editing tips, freelance project leads, and general hobnobbery with other editors? I can envision a general directory list for members at a minimum, and we can expand from there. I only have a name and a dream at this point, but would you find a site like this useful? Is there something else out there that already fills this niche that I should look at?

I can run Traveller from business cards.
Games In Pockets: I've had the "go small" mindset for a while now, but I'm thinking about formalizing it as A Thing. I've got a couple of RPGs that I can run mainly from a stack of index cards, and I'm working on more. That means I can pull a ready-to-go RPG scenario (if not an entire RPG) out of an index card case in my pocket and run it with a few minutes' prep. I think that's sort of a big deal, but I want to know if you'd use something like this, especially in a convention setting.

I'll be at Jiffycon East on Saturday. I've never been, and I'm looking forward to playing games and meeting people. Or meeting games and playing people.
Respect the flying monkey.

I've got Saturday passes to PAX East for my family. It'll be my daughter's first con, and I hope she doesn't get overwhelmed or bored. Tentative hotel plans have been made at the Hampton Inn, but I'll keep an eye out in case something closer opens up.

What's Next?
Humanity landed a dishwasher on a rock the size of Brooklyn 10 years after launch and 28 light minutes away. That's damned impressive. What can top that?

We'll see, won't we?

Thanks for reading!

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