NanoRegent, a Tiny Game of Countries

Here's the second game I wrote for the 200 Word RPG Challenge. You can download it (50K PDF) or run it directly from the text below.

This design springs from my love of Birthright and roleplaying a country using domain turns. It's roughly Fate-based, though in NanoRegent you burn Stats like Advantages. This could use a few playtests, as I think it would support episodic campaign play. I'm not sure the renewal rate for Cities is quite right - I originally had a City give +1 every 3 turns, but that could make early turns into more of a death spiral.

I bet it'll take another 20-50 words to explain some concepts more fully, but even that should still fit on both sides of an index card.

Feedback welcome!

By T.W.Wombat

Players control countries/factions.

Distribute 8 Stat points:
  • Might
  • Commerce
  • Science
  • Diplomacy
Distribute 5 Holding points:
  • Territory
    Edict: +1 Territory burns 2 points.
  • Cities
    Edict: Create City burns 2 Resources +2 points from separate sources.
    Max Cities = Territory. Whenever Cities > Territory, immediately burn 1 City.
  • Resources
    Edict: +1 Resource burns 2 points.
Distribute 5 Aspect points, max 3/Aspect.
Anyone can burn Aspects if relevant. Edict: Create Aspect requires Stat burn, all others burn points interchangeably. Edict: Increase Existing Aspect gives +2. 

Each game month:
  1. DECLARE – Write two Edicts on cards; keep hidden. Format: Allocated points/intended outcome. Examples:
    • Invade Poland. 3 Might, Poland Pacifist/+1 Territory
    • Train Scientists. Inquisitive/+1 Science
    • Trade Embargo. 1 Commerce/Germany Poor
  2. RESOLVE – Reveal Edicts in any order. Defender can oppose with Unallocated points, but burns 1. Roll 4dF + Allocated points, winner narrates result. If loss by 4 or less, loser creates Aspect without further burn. Declarer burns 1 (or more) Allocated point. Declarer can withdraw, but still burns 1 point.
  3. RENEW – Cities give +1 Stat every other turn after creation. Reallocate up to 1 Stat/Aspect point.
Play until finished.

Creative Commons License
Created for the 200 Word RPG Challenge. Completed 30 April 2015.

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