What have we played lately?

My wife and I have gotten tired of not having time to play games and socialize, so we started hosting potluck gaming nights. Bring a dish, bring a game, hang out and play while the kids run the batteries down in our Wii controllers. Though I must say our kids have played a pile of board games as well, possibly more than the adults. If there's interest in games for kids, I'll get a separate post together with that list. Just let me know in the comments or any other method you know to contact me.

We've had 2 potlucks so far, and everyone seems to enjoy it. I live in a cape, so I fear when we get more than a dozen adults in attendance (three game tables in three different rooms, Bwahahaha!), but we have the deck for seating and socializing as long as it doesn't rain and the bugs don't carry anyone off.

I want to list the games we've played so far, or at least the ones I remember. For those of you who were wondering what that game was we played and where can I get a copy, here you go.

Bohnanza Game
Mmm... Beans.
Takes a while for an 8-player game, but still fun!
Ascension Chronicle of the Godslayer
Great deck-building game.
The randomness makes for easier setup,
but the group prefers Dominion's customization.

Bananagrams Rocks.
And now we have a set. 
Zombie Dice
Yes, this perennial PAX East favorite
visited our table this past Saturday.

Ticket to Ride
Ticket to Ride - a great, fast rail game.
It took us some time to get up to speed,
but we had a great endgame - 4 players within
4 points until Longest Route was awarded. W00t!

On the Wish List for games to play in future potlucks, we have...

I only have the Dominion base set.
Even so, you can choose available cards for
several different styles of game. Very cool.
*OP Car Wars The Card Game
Tasty Car Wars in card game form.
Now with even more mindless violence!
Brought it to PAX, but well worth playing more.
Dear Steve Jackson: MOAR CAR WARS PULEEZ!

Tikal, the game of dueling archaeologists.
Another fun one I haven't played in a while.

Ben (of Troll in the Corner fame) brought over the prototype of Mi Gato Se Incendia (read more about it over here), but we have yet to try it out. Soon, Ben, soon. One of these days I'll print out Daniel Solis's Belle of the Ball and give that a whirl. Yay for printable PDF games!

And I've still got a half-room full of board games to play. Truth to tell, I don't care what I play as long as everyone at the table is having a good time. Friends trump games, but they make the games we play that much better for everyone. And eating piles of great food halfway through doesn't hurt either.

So if you're interested in any of these games, the images above are links to Amazon. If you click through and buy something, they'll give me a buck or two through the Amazon Associates Program., and I'll give you my unending thanks. Or at least a couple of bucks' worth of unending thanks. Or a lollipop, your choice.

As always, thanks for the eyeball tracks!


  1. I can't recommend Agricola highly enough. It's one of our favorites! It scales very well for 2-5 players (though the 5-player game can take a while for new or slower players) and has a basic version and advanced version in the box. Great fun!

  2. I've heard great things about Agricola, but I'm not sure if anyone in attendance has a copy. Maybe I'll put that on the list of games to pick up.

  3. I like Spontuneous-it's a singing game (or rather, a game that lets you sing!) It's a good ice breaker, and even more fun after a pitcher of margaritas!

  4. Cool. Though I'd probably get on the blacklist for Spontuneous players quickly since I'm mashing up tunes in my head more often than not.

    Thanks for the suggestion!