What we played this weekend.

We had another Potluck Game Day this weekend, and we broke out a fresh pile of gaming goodness and a couple of old favorites.
Bananagrams in now a go-to game.
Sue us.
We played Carcassonne for  the first
time in a while. It's hard to remove all the
expansions once they're in the tile bag.
Lost Cities
Lost Cities is a 2-player game we played
as a warm-up. Find the solitaire version on
Facebook and kiss productivity goodbye.
Scrabble: Junior Edition
I'm not sure which youthful variation of Scrabble
we broke out for the kids, but yay for spelling words!

Bohnanza Game
We've created bean-heads with Bohnanza.
Dunk, we'll keep your copy safe 'til next time.
Cosmic Encounter
This is the latest FFG version of Cosmic Encounter.
We played the 1977 version. Massive Old Sk00l, yo.
And after 34 years, it's still a great game.

And sadly, Mi Gato Se Incendia (created by Ben from Troll In The Corner) isn't on Amazon. Even sadder, the promo copy we had only had 1 Net card in the deck instead of 10, so nobody could capture the cat and win the game before the poor beast expired.

What games have you played recently? Would you like more details on how any of these games play? Any requests? We can certainly mine the game shelves and put things in the queue if you want some feedback. Please write a comment and let me know!

Per Chris J's suggestion, I've added links to Board Game Geek for each game. BGG has a pile of reviews and pictures for each game, and I really need to get my profile cleaned up over there. Do you find links to BGG helpful?

Each of these posts will be tagged with "potluck" for easy searching. And now you're informed.

Stay tuned for more hijinks as we play more. Thanks for reading!

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