Traveller Adventure: The Trouble With Textiles

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The Trouble With Textiles

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set on the way from the Vesper Textile Company's factory to the city of Athens on Elysium, a TL8 agrarian world.

The characters drive overland to Athens for supplies, but they have their first run-in with Marconi goons sent to make sure the Vesper factory remains shut down.

If the characters have helped the Vesper family in Fixing the Factory, they'll probably need some supplies from Athens. Victor Marconi's team has seen the characters helping out, and they'll set up an ambush to intimidate the characters into staying away from the factory.

Classic Traveller: Books 0-8
The road between Athens and the Vesper Textile Company factory goes through fields with the occasional stand of trees. The Marconi goons have hidden their ATV in the trees, giving Claudia (Victor Marconi's dirty job specialist) a clear shot at the character's vehicle. She'll blow a tire or otherwise try to disable the vehicle with her Gauss Rifle and let her goons surround the characters and deliver the message. The characters probably won't hear the distant crack of the Gauss Rifle over their vehicle's engine.

Claudia Frey (UPP 897647 Gauss Rifle-2, Brawling-1, ATV-1 Items: Mesh armor, Gauss Rifle) Stands in the upper hatch of the ATV, ready to intimidate from afar with her Gauss Rifle if her goons take a beating. She's wired to the ATV's loudspeaker system so she can be heard, and she's apparently not worried about being beheaded for carrying a very distinctive firearm.

Gary Parson (UPP 586786 Admin-1, ATV-1 Items: ATV) will stay in the ATV, ready to drive if needed.

6 Goons (UPP 868444 Baseball Bat-1 DM +2 for Strength, Brawling-1 Items: Baseball Bat) will do the dirty work of beating the characters senseless. Feel free to adjust the number of goons to challenge your group.

If the fight goes badly for the Goons, Claudia will call them back to the ATV and warn the characters off with her Gauss Rifle. Anyone with Army or Marine service will recognize the distinctive crack of a Gauss Rifle and know exactly how deadly it can be at 100 meters. She wants to keep the characters from helping the Vesper family, but she's been warned not to kill anyone.

If overpowered, Claudia will negotiate to save her life and mislead the characters as much as possible while Victor gathers the troops. She's a professional killer and she knows her life is forfeit if she's handed over to the authorities.

Further Hooks
If the characters lose, the ATV will drive off to the Vesper factory and undo any repairs that have been made. If the characters hold their own against the goons, the ATV will retreat back to the Marconi Construction office in Athens to let Victor know about the new players in town.

If the characters capture a goon, he'll know how to find Victor and the more-than-professional relationship between Victor and Claudia. If the characters manage to capture Claudia, Victor will show up on the same day with an army of goons and a unit of mercenaries with Mesh armor and ACRs.

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