Traveller Adventure: What's on the Crystal?

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What's On The Crystal?

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set on or near Elysium, a TL8 agrarian world.

Someone has slipped a data crystal containing extremely valuable and dangerous information to the characters. Will they avoid detection while they figure out what to do next?

The data crystal from Stop, Thief? should act as a Pandora's Box, so here's how the characters can open it. A character with Computer skill will be able to crack the encryption given enough time. If no character has Computer skill, then Amanda Vesper from Fixing the Factory will put the characters in touch with a computer expert she trusts.

Classic Traveller: 

Books 0-8
The characters will need at least a Model/1 computer to work with uninterrupted for an extended period of time, such as on their ship either in port or during a jump if it has the capacity. Characters with Computer skill need to roll 10+ (DM + Computer skill) to crack the encryption on the data crystal. Each attempt takes one full day of trying algorithms and interpreting results. Once decrypted, anyone with Medical skill can analyze the data over a day or two. It details the construction of a planet-killer; a molecular blueprint for a weaponized virulent disease that makes smallpox look like the common cold.

Characters can roll 9+ (DM + Computer skill) to determine that the files originated at a company called MediShield, an interstellar corporation responsible for interplanetary vaccinations. MediShield is everywhere - every starport has at least a clinic to vaccinate incoming travellers against indigenous diseases.

Further Hooks
Any character spending time with a Library computer program will be able to find a few details about the contract MediShield has with every branch of the services without doing a public search. If the characters search for or ask questions about MediShield plus any term they find on the data crystal publicly, they'll have a well-armed extraction team on their doorstep ready to take the crystal back by force in 2 weeks or less.

Characters can attempt to learn more about MediShield using Carousing or Liaison skills, talking to local employees of the MediShield clinic. Most local employees have no idea about anything other than the local operation and disease profiles, but if the characters roll well enough and get friendly enough, they can discover a possible next step. MediShield maintains regional laboratory stations in various systems, such as the Hades system, a quick Jump-2 away.

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