"Winter Is Coming" Is Coming

I started talking with @blindgeekuk today about an article he wrote, which featured a winter theme. And I noticed that the Autumnal Equinox is next Friday at 9:04 AM GMT, but who's counting? And mere moments later we're generating interest for the Winter Is Coming event, to be hosted here at Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity.

What The Heck Is It?
Winter Is Coming will be a week-long RPG blog festival, to commence on Friday, 23 September 2011. I figured I'd use the name now before the horse completely expires. And besides, the weather is cooling off here in the Northern Hemisphere.

What Are You Looking For?
I'm looking winter-themed elements for D&D and other RPG rulesets. An element can be a class, a theme, a new power, a class, a race, a monster, an item, a location, an adventure, an arc, a background element, a campaign setting, a festival, an NPC, or whatever your fertile and fervent imagination can dream up. If it has something to do with winter and you can use it in an RPG, I want to see it. If you've got something new in mind you've got a week to pull it together. I'm OK with linking to existing posts, but I'd like to see plenty of new content next week as well. I want to publish guest posts, and I'll maintain a list of links to winter-themed articles in other blogs.

What Do I Need To Do?
If you're interested, post a comment here or let me know on Twitter (@twwombat) or via email (jim + my twitter handle + dotcom). I'm looking to publish guest posts here in the Gaming Den of Iniquity for the week of 23-30 September, so let me know if you're between blogs or interested in publishing outside of your normal venue. I'll be happy to host your work and not take a lick of credit for it, and you can say you're published on multiple blogs.

If you want to publish something on your blog, I'll maintain a list of links in the Winter Is Coming cover post to be published on 23 September. If you email me I'll send you the link when it's available.

If you're involved, all I ask is that you link back to at least the cover post and send the link in a shout out on Twitter. You're welcome to cross-post, comment, retweet and whatever else you want to do to promote yourself and your fellow blogosphere denizens.

Why Are You Doing This?
How many times have you wanted a place to look for elements that depend on a single theme? If you're like me, several. We'll start with Winter, and if there's interest I'll open it up to other themes and ideas. But let's start simply. Winter. RPG element. Go create.

Also, this is purely a community thing. Nobody's planning on making a dime out of this. Winter Is Coming is about people who want to make stuff for a game that they love, and getting that stuff into the hands of the gaming community. The biggest problem we all face is finding eyeballs, so let's trade. I'll pimp you to my list if you pimp me to yours, and we'll see what happens from there.

Do I Get A Cool Badge For My Blog?
Here's a secret about me: I'm a data guy, so I'm what you'd charitably call "graphically stunted". If someone with some graphics chops can pull together a cool image file, I'll provide public credit and as big of a shout out as I can manage. So, do you get a cool badge right now? No, but hopefully someone will step up and whip something out. (And get your mind out of the gutter.)

So That's It?
That's what Winter Is Coming is all about. All told, 90 minutes from idea to blog post with a brief side trip into Twitter promotion. If you're interested, let me know - I've got 8 people on the list so far.

If you're interested enough, please shout out to your friends, followers, friends list, email list and podcast listeners. Let's get more people on the bandwagon for next week. Cool?

Thanks for reading and participating!

EDIT: Head on over to the Winter Is Coming main page.


  1. Update: Badge forthcoming thanks to @markmeredith! W00t!

  2. Hey mate, just tweeted you about the guest post (@dnddaddan), if you still need a logo/button my wife can do them inc code for blogger and wordpress, she did my logo and her own. She says she'll make you one if you want as its part of her course work (mutual back scratching). If you still need one, e-mail her a picture to amy.whyley@sky.com.

  3. Dan,

    Thanks for the offer! Let me work with the image files I've got now, and if I start sliding I'll give a shout. I've been looking for a logo design for this blog and a small banner and/or button. Would that be up your wife's alley or should I take it up with her directly?

  4. I'm in!

    Let me just go talk to my Frost Giant friends first...

  5. Ben, if your friends are Frost Giants, we may have a problem. What=ever= will the Dwarves think?

  6. Hey i think Adam has got me involved . some art will be coming your way soon