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First off, I have a name stuck in my head: Richard Blurbage. I see him as a near-future marketing magnate with a London accent and a bloodline he can trace back to an Elizabethan theatre owner. And just like that, a character exists.

I've been working on Schr√∂dinger's Gun GMing. That last article kicked my ass for a week. Some days the words just fly out, others require earth-moving machines to even start. Such is the nature of the beast. I'm hoping to have an article a week, but with the holidays and now a new cold to contend with, not to mention the end of Year 2 of the Deathmarch at work, I can see that schedule slipping a bit. In any case I'll work toward some sort of conclusion in January, after which I want to edit it into a single PDF for wider distribution and possibly sale.

Since I haven't mentioned this officially yet: I'm an editor and writer of RPG products. I've got a couple of gigs lined up over the next couple of months and I'm looking for more. If you're writing a game or a supplement and need someone to pick out continuity errors, unclear wording, and typos, give me a shout. Since I'm looking to build my CV, I'm flexible on price. Thanks!

Relatedly, I'm working on making an actual site for me, something I've never had. I'm planning on including CVs in several categories, and I'll want to maintain a links page (or better yet, a database) for my own sanity. I keep adding cool links to my "Personal" folder and they disappear into that etheric quagmire never to be seen again. This Will Not Do. Now to get over my internal perfectionism and get something ready for public consumption even if it ain't perfect.

I'm involved with a new gamer community called Gamer Assembly. It's the new home of the IRC Channel that I've been involved with for almost a year now. There's a blog and a wiki and the beginnings of forums, and we're talking about a Blog Carnival between Christmas and New Year's - stay tuned for more details on that. I invite you to come on over and chat a bit.

Plenty of good things happening out there in Gamerland. Play on!

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