Environments and Characters By Emily Vitori

Welcome to another installment of Art Spotlight, which features a few pieces by a different visual artist each week here at Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity. I hope to increase the visibility of artists who create cool images. If you want to be featured, give a shout on Twitter or on Google+ or via email (jim AT twwombat Dotcom).

When I posted my last installment of Art Spotlight, I asked if any other artists out there would like to be featured. Emily stepped forward in a comment on Google Plus, and now she has a feature page. It's really that easy.

First off, I love her photography work. With some editing wizardry and effects, she takes an image and enhances it to capture the essence of a scene, like this...
Nosferatu by Emily Vitori
Or this...
Rush by Emily Vitori
But her photography work seems like a relatively new development compared to her drawing of fantasy characters...
Katya Volkov by Emily Vitori
...with a particular focus on Cat People.
Cheetah Cleric of Trithereon by Emily Vitori
Check out the rest of her deviantART gallery under her nickname Syreene to see what else she's created. She's also quite active on Google Plus, so reach out and give her a shout.

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