James Stowe, Absurd Cartoonist

Welcome to another installment of Art Spotlight, which features a few pieces by a different visual artist each week here at Wombat's Gaming Den of Iniquity. I hope to increase the visibility of artists who create cool images. If you want to be featured, give a shout on Twitter or on Google+ or via email (jim AT twwombat DOT com).

Like so many of the gamer folk on Twitter, the first I knew of James Stowe was when he blew the lid off of my stream on Septermber 3, 2011 with his post entitled DND for 8 Year Olds. He showcased a collection of character sheets with stripped-down D&D 4e rules designed to get his 8 year old son and his friends into role playing. The first image I remember seeing was this one:
Just how cool is the Belly Flop power,
and why doesn't my Barbarian have it?
That post had 6 male characters. He followed up soon after with 6 female characters, like this one:
Seriously, I want my Necromancer to summon a Zombie Kitty!
Then he opened up commissions for character sheets in this style, and posted at least a few, including Lord Greymane Douchebro, created by Brian Patterson in the d20 Monkey webcomic.
Undead. Fitting name. 'Nuff said.

Then in December he made the Advent Calendar of Evil, featuring 25 monsters for the characters to fight. Here's the final desktop wallpaper of all 25 monsters.
"Evil, party of 25? Your table is ready!"
Currently he's got a new webcomic and forthcoming game system at Sidekick Quests. He's formalizing the system behind the character and monster sheets, and it'll be playable by you and your family as soon as it's together. Yes, I'm ignoring his other works (which also rock), because the characters and monsters of Sidekick Quests just look so awesome. Can't wait for more of the writeup!

You can follow his ongoing exploits in his Art By Stowe blog. He's got a Facebook page called James Stowe's Art, and by all means follow him on Twitter at @jamesstowe.

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