Traveller Adventure: The Patron

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The Patron

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the Elysium system.(Return to the Traveller Adventure Cover Page.)

What can the players expect if they sign on to work for Calleigh MacRae and MacRae Interstellar?

If the characters decide to accept Calleigh MacRae's offer from Who's Chasing Whom? they'll have a wealth of new opportunities.

Classic Traveller: Books 0-8
The first time the characters follow Calleigh MacRae's Yacht back to her base of operations on Artemis, the characters will need to fend off a pirate attack. The pirates will have a Free Trader and a Fighter that attaches externally to the Free Trader. Between the characters' ship and the Fighter on board MacRae's Yacht, the fight should be evenly matched.

The attack was purely an attack of opportunity. The pirates have no means of detecting when a ship will jump into existence. They saw a Yacht and thought it would be easy pickings. The characters' ship jumped in seconds after the attack started. The pirates have 14 crew total, including the Fighter pilot and a boarding party of 6 on board who can crew any captured ship. The captured pirate crew may decide to work for MacRae Interstellar after some intense questioning by Calleigh. This may be an opportunity to add a new character to the game if needed.

Further Hooks
Working for Calleigh MacRae will have its own challenges, though funding won't be one of them. The characters can get their ship refitted or they can commission a custom Safari Ship which they can use, but it will remain the property of MacRae Interstellar. Adventures for MacRae fall into a few broad categories.

  • Alien Artifact Recovery. MacRae wants anything alien for research and collection purposes. This includes new ores as well as cultural and scientific items or technologies.
  • Capture Specimens for Xenobiology Research. Same as above, though capturing and transporting alien life forms will provide more logistical issues than transporting items.
  • Courier Missions. Anything from ferrying a MacRae Interstellar packet to one of their far-flung offices to protecting a company representative in a potentially hostile situation will force the characters to play defense.
  • Intelligence Gathering. Scouting new worlds or trying to gather information on a rival company will cause no end of challenges for the characters.
The characters should have a full plate of missions for the forseeable future if they decide to sign on. Calleigh will impose no penalty on the characters should they decide to leave her service, though she will try to call on them as consultants in the future if they don't work for her directly. Also, she will want any long-term investments like ship repairs reimbursed through regular payments in cash or services.

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