OSR Challenge: A Month of Traveller Adventures

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A September of Short Adventures
It's a September of Short Adventures over at Asshat Paladins, and I thought I'd chip in. Everyone else seems to be doing fantasy-based adventures, but I've been getting ideas to do Traveller adventures. So I shall produce 25 extremely light adventures over the course of September. There are days I'll post multiple adventures, and a few days may pass where there's nothing from me. Such is the rhythm of life in this post-modern age.

Challengers will produce micro-adventures designed to be run from a printout of the blog post with near-zero other prep. To me that feels more like an encounter, so I'm approaching this challenge from an encounter standpoint. I've got the first few in mind, and I think I can hook most of them together into a full-blown adventure arc. Then again, I may get ideas from left field that don't fit, so don't hold me to tying everything together. We'll start planetside on the TL8 agrarian world of Elysium and spread out from there.

Classic Traveller: Books 0-8I'll keep updating this post as a cover page containing links to all the adventures. If you're reading this over a feed, each adventure will be in a separate post so you won't miss anything. If you don't want Traveller encounters clogging up your feed, then I'll see you in October. But for those of you sticking around, it should be an interesting journey. Strap in, 5G acceleration commencing...

The Adventures
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