Traveller Adventure: The Chase Is Joined

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The Chase Is Joined

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the Elysium system. (Return to the Traveller Adventure Cover Page.)

Now that Dr. Falken on board, the race to escape begins.

After Slipping Away with Dr. Falken got everybody on board the characters' ship, the next step is to break off from Pandora. But where are the characters taking Dr. Falken?

Classic Traveller: Books 0-8
The characters have a decision to make: Where are they running to? They could go back to Elysium, where a MediShield security team will be waiting for them. They could jump to a different system, but that will take time to get to a safe distance. They could fight off all comers, but the ship seems unlikely to survive after reinforcements arrive.

Even with that question hanging over their heads, the characters shouldn't get the chance to debate it. They'll have a chance to strap in and move away from Pandora, but the MediShield Pinnace will start firing missiles immediately after undocking. The MediShield Fast System Boat will join the fray and start firing immediately after that.

MediShield Pinance: A 40-ton craft with 5G acceleration armed with a pulse laser, two missile racks, and twin sandcasters.

MediShield Fast System Boat: A 30-ton craft with 6G acceleration armed with a beam laser, a missile rack, and a sandcaster.

If the characters bother to look in Stygia's direction, they'll see the 400 ton Patrol Cruiser headed their way at its full 6G acceleration. There's another Fast System Boat flying MediShield colors coming at them from Elysium.

Once they set a vector away from Pandora, they'll notice a heavily modified Yacht starting to follow their ship. The Yacht will hail the characters' ship on a secure channel and a red-haired woman will ask to speak with Dr. Falken.

Further Hooks
If the characters destroy or disable any of the MediShield ships, they'll be billed for damages. This bill may be waived as part of any legal proceedings that may result if Dr. Falken survives. If the characters commandeer any of the disabled vessels, they may do some fancy legal footwork and claim salvage rights even though they disabled the vessel in the first place.

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