Traveller Adventure: Loose Ends

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Denouement: Loose Ends

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the Elysium system.(Return to the Traveller Adventure Cover Page.)

Let's take a look at all the unexplored territory hanging off of the main plotline in this adventure arc.

If you've read the rest of the series, I'm sure you'll have your own areas you'll want to explore. I'll summarize a few pertinent grey areas, and you're welcome to add and embellish as you see fit.

Adventure Classic Traveller: Books 0-8
Several areas have been brought up and vaguely sketched out. Each could spawn other adventures for the characters as they explore how far they can go.

Vesper Textile Company - Helping the Vespers could eventually let the characters retire as the company's primary distributors of cloth armor, vacc suits, and fine cloth. Rival producers could try to disrupt business, or there could be underhanded dealings while bidding on a contract from a local service branch.

The Elysium Indigenous Wildlife Preserve - Also called the Southern Continent, this land mass has been set aside as a preserve for all the local wildlife. An organization within the planetary government oversees and maintains the preserve. Anyone interested in Xenobiology or ecological conservation could spend some time researching the Ore Slugs and how they fit into the local non-human ecological structure. Or there could be recently-discovered ruins on the Southern Continent that need exploring.

The Marconi Family - Anyone planning anything underhanded on Elysium pays a cut to the Marconi family. This could lead to open warfare on a weapons-restricted planet with a dedicated opposing criminal group. The characters could stage a coup and take over the family, providing a kinder, gentler syndicate to receive kickbacks and provide protection. Or maybe the characters want to remove the family entirely, which would be much easier if the family wasn't so huge.

The Elysium Guard - Marcus Lee could work with the characters to become adjunct security forces on Elysium. They could help shut down the Marconi Family this way, or they could simply work to maintain order by putting down minor rebellions, and then tap into the local political structure in a bid for public office at some point in the future.

MediShield and Pandora Research Facility - MediShield could always use an experienced team to deliver supplies, salvage ships destroyed by piracy, or perform other deniable tasks. MediShield may even drop the Malicious Destruction of Starfaring Property charges if the characters perform a task or two for the local office. Pandora could always use a new Facility Administrator since Dr. Falken has moved on to greener pastures.

Calleigh MacRae and MacRae Interstellar - I haven't even fleshed out what MacRae Interstellar does, never mind the galactic-level tasks the characters could be asked to perform. I was thinking they produced jump engine parts, but they're still effectively a blank slate. Calleigh's proclivities came up in The Patron, but the range of missions the characters may be assigned really has no limits.

Baron Von Wulgalash - This organization could make a great regional antagonist for years to come. What awesome stories could fall out of a deluded noble who wants to be Emperor? Tales of conquest, of trying to take over warships and subvert planetary rule, of racing for alien artifacts rumored to have great powers - the galactic horizon is truly the limit with this thread.

Further Hooks
See above. Also, never be afraid to embellish your game regardless of what the pre-fab module tells you. Hook your players and they'll always want to play with you.

I hope you've enjoyed the adventure arc! I'm hoping to add a bit, edit out the clunky bits, and compile the entire arc into a single hyperlinked PDF for download. I'm not sure if I'll charge a couple of bucks for it or keep it free, so let me assemble it first and find some art.

Speaking of which, anyone know of any hard SF art in the public domain? How about cheap commissions?

Thanks for reading!

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