Field Guide to the New England PAXbound Wombat

I'm packed. I'm spending tonight at home and then the next 40 hours will be spent steeping in PAXness.
I'll be onsite by 10ish tomorrow morning, traffic willing. As for schedule, I'm on the Gamer Assembly panel in Merman at 7 so come heckle for a chance to win the door prize!
If you're looking for me, I'll probably be in the tabletop area for most of the remaining time.  I look approximately like the attached photo. (This is also a test post from the Blogger app on my phone, complete with photos. Woo!)
Anyway, if you want to chat or play something, give me a shout. Easiest way to get my attention is in person, followed closely by mentioning me on Twitter (@twwombat). I'll be schmoozing and handing out business cards too, so please bug me if you're looking for an editor for your game products.
On a related note, I overhauled my other site and turned it into a resume site for RPG editing gigs. Take a look for other ways to track me down: http://www.twwombat.com
If you're going to PAX, hopefully I'll see you there. And I'll post sporadically, I'm sure.

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  1. Note to self: Pictures taken through the app look like wavy butt.