Traveller Adventure: Whistleblowing

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An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the Elysium system.(Return to the Traveller Adventure Cover Page.)

Let the fallout from legal action commence!

Based on the information found in MediShield's Black Market and the Dossier on the Pandora Research Facility, plus the evidence mentioned in Meeting With Dr. Laura Falken, the Black Market on Pandora should be dismantled in fairly short order. The criminal court proceedings will take some time to shake out, however.

Classic Traveller: Books 0-8
Once the immediate ship-to-ship action settles down, the characters may want to convince the MediShield security staff to not destroy Pandora Research Facility. Dr. Falken will mention the failsafe explosive charges that will plunge the facility into the sun within a few minutes if the characters don't think of it themselves. She feels responsible for everybody still on Pandora and will want them to live through any attempts to destroy evidence.

If the characters contact the remaining personnel on Pandora, they may convince some of the scientists to come forward about the Black Market. Those being blackmailed will happily testify in the case, but a few worked willingly for Admiral Greenberg. Half the security staff and the three scientists who profited from the Black Market will take what they can and escape in the next Free Trader leaving Elysium before the hammer falls.

Dr. Falken will need to take her evidence to someone who can do something about it. Any of the services, but especially the Army and Marines, will drag their feet about pursuing the evidence since MediShield has such a huge contract to protect every service member from disease and infection. Her best bet involves going directly to the sector capital on Corinth (a Jump-2 away) as soon as possible to meet with government representatives and the ethics department at the MediShield base of operations there. Any delay in leaving Elysium will allow word to reach Admiral Greenberg and give him a chance to plant evidence to frame Dr. Falken.

Within a month if all goes well, Admiral Greenberg will be out of a job and in custody pending trial. MediShield will take a hit in the public relations department and the "I hope this MediShield shot isn't laced with infectious agents" jokes will fly thick and furious through the ranks of all the services. The trial will be held on Corinth and take at least a year, during which time the characters will need to remain within a Jump-3 of Corinth pending testifying as witnesses. See Leaving Elysium for a few more local systems for the characters to explore in the interim.

Further Hooks
Dr. Falken will be under constant threat during the trial. Some remnants and ex-customers of the Black Market don't appreciate Pandora shutting down. If the characters want to sign on as bodyguards, there will be roughly one assassination attempt per month for the duration of the trial. Assassins will use poisons and drugs and hire local thugs to intimidate or try to kill Dr. Falken. Stopping the trial isn't the point. These assassination attempts come from a desire for revenge.

Characters can hunt down the remnants of the Black Market organization that escaped Pandora. They will have dossiers for the 3 scientists and 4 security personnel, and they can get leads from nearby worlds. Chances are at least some of them are now working for Baron Von Wulgalash's organization. Taking on Baron Von Wulgalash will be difficult, especially if the characters escaped from him during  Who's Chasing Whom? If the Baron was killed during that adventure, a lieutenant steps up and takes over. The organization will remain intact, but the leadership will change as needed until the characters can take it apart completely, either through direct action or by calling in favors to get a Navy Battle Squadron involved.

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