Traveller Adventure: The Enemy of My Enemy

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The Enemy of My Enemy

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the city of Athens on Elysium, a TL8 agrarian world.

The characters have delivered an incendiary package to Mike Catalano's home as part of An Errand For Victor and gotten blackmailed for their trouble. Reaching out to Mike may give them an advantage against Victor later on if they need some help.

Approaching Mike Catalano (UPP 84BA87 Blade-1, Bribery-1, Broker-1, Carousing-1, Liaison-3, Pilot-1 Items: Blade) and apologizing for burning down his house will be the hard part. He's a hard man with a quick temper, and he'll be quick to pull out his Blade and threaten a little revenge. When he's not working his contacts at Cronos Downport, he can be found at the Philosopher's Rest, a bar and restaurant catering to university students and mercenaries. It's a little rough around the edges, but charming in its own way. Mike has his own table with a clear view of the bar on one side and the ocean on the other.

AdventureClassic Traveller: Books 0-8
What do the characters have to offer a criminal? Since one of the ships he's been using has been disabled by pirates, Mike needs ships to make deliveries to other nearby systems. He has access to a wide variety of goods, and he can hide his contraband inside legitimate cargoes. He just doesn't have enough ships at the moment. He'll agree to swap favors - one delivery by the character's ship in exchange for one future favor, no questions asked.

Victor wants Mike to work for him, but Mike is too much of an entrepreneur to follow orders effectively. So Victor upped the ante with his "delivery". Mike isn't overly upset at the loss of his house since he has other safehouses, and he understands it's the price of doing business in his chosen profession, but he does vent his anger on the characters to see what secrets he can rattle loose. If the characters can talk his way past the bluster and bravado, Mike settles down and talks business, especially if they let slip that they have a ship.

Alternately, if the characters can dig up any dirt on Victor Marconi and get it to Mike, he would be most appreciative. This has its own set of problems given the Victor's blackmail footage of the characters burning down Mike's house and the army of goons in and around the Marconi Construction office, but if the characters want to go for it more power to them.

Further Hooks
The characters can call in their favor from Mike at any point. He can obtain items and get them through customs easily on worlds where he has contacts, and he has access to an impeccable forger. Mike's power lies in his network of associates rather than his collection of goons.

If the characters want to make a play to take over the organized crime syndicates of all of Elysium by working with Mike and taking the Marconi family apart, I say have at it.

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