Adris: Adventures Agogo I - Around Adris

The characters have been through so many adventures in the years we've played this campaign. I thought I'd get a rough timeline together for reference. Here's a partial list of what the party did for their first few levels, mostly spent within 50 miles of Adris.
  • The Burning Plague (L1) - I renamed the town Logan's Pass, and they let the goblins escape with a bag full of silver each.
  • Pathfinder Player Companion: Goblins of Golarion
  • Goblin Raid! (L1) - Goblins raid Adris at night under cover of an unseasonably early blizzard and steal a few tomes from the Council of Mages. Pandora's Aunt's shop is partially burned by goblins. 
  • Inrin's Workshop (L2) - They investigated the tunnels under the blasted remains of Inrin's tower, discovering mephit defenders, most of whom they freed, and a spellbook called Liber Elementalis, which allowed them to learn the Elemental Substitution feat.
  • Temple of Set (L2) - Nestor, the local High Priest of Tyr, accompanies the party to check out the cave containing a Temple of Set that had been raided by the other party in town last week. They find a Dwarven sage's skull and an underwater passage to another cavern containing an orc cult.
  • The Goblin Base (L2) - The party finds the goblins' raiding camp in a cave on a mountain. They have a bugbear cleric with them, and a goblin illusionist passes himself off as a human prisoner, then escapes.
  • The Burning Fist (L3) - The characters go back and take on the orc cult. Turns out they're training orc Cleric/Monks under Set's supervision. Favorite tactic: Cause Light Wounds (effect: black flames surround hands) and Stunning Fist in the same attack. Party learns to loathe black flame, symbol of Set.
  • The Complete Monstrous Wizards Compendium: Detailed Rules for Monstrous Wizard PCs and Npcs! (Green Races D20 World)
  • The Stoneclaw Clan (L3) - I wrote up 3 outcast orcs who started their own clan to research dwarven history looking for lost artifacts. They created some Ogre Skeletons using the skeleton template from WotC. They had camped outside Balder's stronghold and were trying to navigate the maze. The wizard escaped and later transformed to human form as Dr. Josten's alchemical apprentice.
  • Balder The Mad's Stronghold (L4) - Under the direction of Chalyk, the Dwarven sage skull that they used Speak With Dead to contact, the party goes to talk with a long-dead dwarven smith for information. The party navigates the Shadow Maze (a maze with shadows and spectres attacking through the walls) and discovers Balder has a Sage Throne, a Dwarven repository of knowledge.
  • Saving Miranda (L4) - The party met Marc, a local druid investigating some bad things in a grove nearby. He checked it out with his ranger friend Miranda. A Barghest dominated Miranda, Marc escaped with injuries. The party set things to rights, found the Barghest was protecting young Displacer Beasts.
  • The Assassin's Knot (Advanced Dungeons & Dragons Module L2)
  • Party Change: At this point, Nasir disappears. The party meets Thorolf, Asalia, Nimala in Treedorn when they start investigating The Assassin's Knot.
  • The Assassin's Knot, Module L2 (L5) - I took the premise and the maps, and renamed the town Treedorn. I cleaned up the assassins and gave each a better cover story while updating the whole shebang to 3E stats. The party meets Sarah after something splashes into the lake and she washes up on the docks. And the Cleric of Poseidon's sanity was inside a giant octopus at the bottom of the lake.
  • Of Goblins and Giants (L5) - On the way to the Dvarfheim, the party discovers and defeats a goblin warband who recruited some hill giants to help the cause.
  • Commandos Raid the Goblin Army (L6) - The party teleports in the middle of the goblin army camp, lays waste to as much as possible, escapes with 6HP total across 5 PCs.
  • The Last Goblin Raid (L6) - The party defeats the White Dragon causing the blizzard during the goblins' final raid on Adris. There's good eating tonight. Adril harvests components for his first transformation potion.
  • D&D Miniatures: Legend of Drizzt Scenario Pack
  • Shaxalar's Brood (L6) - The party discovers the White Dragon's lair and her 4 children. Further in, they discover a drow experiment - splicing together spiders and dwarves as a lesser form of driders.
  • The Summit (L6) - The party comes across an odd meeting in an old dwarven outpost in the mountains. Goblins, orcs, and hobgoblins are meeting to discuss war plans. The party breaks the meeting up and salvages arms and armor to outfit Adris's defenders.
Again, these are just the big, easily-identified adventures. This doesn't take into account the discussions amongst the characters to decide what should happen next, nor the side quests I pulled out of a hat when we were shorthanded. I remember an adventure where Robin pushed the characters through a waterfall for a quick visit with the Rugathi. Hopefully I can organize those a little more - I'm finding my notes are scattered and lacking, though it'd probably help to find the most up-to-date timeline document.

There's more to come, so stay tuned. But now, back to Traveller adventures for a bit.

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