Traveller Adventure: About a Guardsman

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About a Guardsman

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the city of Athens on Elysium, a TL8 agrarian world.

The characters are looking for the origin of the encrypted data crystal, the volatile contents of which are revealed in What's On The Crystal?. Following information obtained from Victor Marconi in Concrete Shoes (or through infiltration and examination of his records) leads the characters to a Guardsman named Marcus Lee, who paid Victor CR 1000 to plant the data crystal on an offworld trader who would carry it off Elysium.

The characters probably found out about Marcus Lee from Victor Marconi in Concrete Shoes, though they could also sift through last month's financial records and interview Marconi Construction's customers to figure out who gave Victor the data crystal.

AdventureClassic Traveller: Books 0-8
Marcus Lee (UPP 995755 Blade-1, Brawling-1, Streetwise-1) will initially claim that anything having to do with the data crystal is a matter of planetary security, but if the characters threaten to go up the chain of command, he'll say that he got rid of it for his girlfriend Zoe Pulchra (UPP 498884 Admin-1, Medical-1). He says she found it at work and decided to send it off world as a way to start a scandal and improve security, but there's something that she's not telling him.

Zoe works at MediShield, and she will stick with her story no matter what, even though it has a mere passing relationship with logic. Bringing up her family will make her cry, but she won't say what's bothering her. More investigation is needed into what's going on, and Marcus is very worried about her.

Neither Marcus nor Zoe know what's on the data crystal. The truth as learned during What's On The Crystal? will rattle both of them. Zoe may break down, but she will not breathe a word of what's going on.

Further Hooks
It may take a while to convince Marcus that the characters are there to help, but he's got a good sense about trusting people. If Zoe is taken out of the picture, the characters can find a recent photograph of Zoe with her mother and her sister, with "To Zoe: Thanks for your help!" written in a man's hand on the back. She will not say anything, but the characters can figure out that someone is threatening her family to get her help.

Marcus can talk Zoe into wearing surveillance equipment to get more information about what's going on, since she has contact with the man who gave her the photo every couple of days. If the characters go this route, they can learn more in Zoe's Rat-Faced Man.

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