Parkertara? Cheetarker?

In floating through the internet today, two images ended up nearly side-by-side. My brain latched on, and to avoid an aneurysm I must share.

Both are very fast and acrobatic with impressive skill sets. Both are integral parts of a well-rounded team. Both have pasts shrouded in secrecy. Granted, Cheetara has far more mental stability, and Parker isn't really what I'd call a medic. Differences in clothing tastes can be debated endlessly. I invite you to compare and contrast further.

Also: Can Thundercats work under Leverage RPG rules?


  1. Honestly, I think its a bad comparison beyond physical looks and abilities.

    Cheetara is not a thief, does not have asbergers, and happily flirts with team members. Cheetara is for the team.

    Parker hates social attachments because she has trouble understanding them. She is a very "me me me" personality. You could say she was the adult combination of Willy Kit/Kat.

  2. Oh, the differences absolutely outweigh the similarities past superficial generalities, but it's fun to think about. Actually, another similarity: both can be fiercely protective.

    I haven't actually seen the new Thundercats series. In the old series, Cheetara was fairly 2-dimensional like all supporting characters of that era.