Traveller Adventure: An Errand For Victor

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An Errand For Victor

An adventure for Classic Traveller Little Black Books set in the city of Athens on Elysium, a TL8 agrarian world.

Victor Marconi offers the characters the chance to do a job for him in exchange for leaving the Vesper family alone.

If the characters manage to hold their own against Claudia Frey's goon squad in The Trouble With Textiles, Victor Marconi will be impressed with their capabilities and offer them a job. If the characters aren't interested in helping out the Vesper family, Victor will offer the characters something just as valuable as a family's continued well-being.

Classic Traveller: Books 0-8Victor asks the characters to put a package on the kitchen table in a house on the outskirts of Athens, preferably while nobody is home. The house belongs to Mike Catalano, and the package contains a dead rat. Mike has crossed Victor in the past and needs to be taught a lesson.

Victor hands the characters an unmarked sealed padded envelope and wants it done by tomorrow. He says he'll send a van to watch the house and make sure the characters deliver the package.

If the characters research Mike Catalano, everyone says he's a petty criminal and generally not a nice guy. He's been arrested for assault and purse snatching, but rumor says he's trying to start his own crew to pull off bigger crimes.

Quick analysis of the envelope via an X-Ray scanner reveals what looks like a dead rat. The padded envelope contains bubble wrap. Each bubble has been filled with flammable gas rather than air, so when the plastic incendiary device inside the rat goes off the flame will burn big and bright to catch the rest of the house. The incendiary device will be triggered by remote when the characters are clear of the house.

Further Hooks
The characters see an unmarked van parked across the street from the house. When the characters come out of the house and the house starts burning, the van leaves. The van contains goons who were sent to watch and record as much as possible. If the characters start causing problems for Victor, he shows them the video and suggests they work together as much as possible or the characters won't leave Elysium for a few years while the legal proceedings are resolved.

If the characters want to find and work with Mike Catalano to act against Victor, we'll cover that in The Enemy of My Enemy.


  1. Nice. Nice blending of the Goodfella-vibe with classic Traveller. This could lead to loads of fun complications down the road, all based off of PC choices and actions, with no railroading required. Very cool!

  2. Thanks! Since it's OSR, I wanted to keep options open and let the players get themselves in trouble as much as they want. I'm not sure I'll do much else with Victor for the next few adventures. There's plenty more game in that thread, but they're at an uncomfortable stalemate if they burn down Mike's house. Besides, I want to get into space to exercise the Pilots in the group.

    If there's one thing I love, it's mashing genres. Goodfellas in space? Sold!

    Thanks for taking a look!