[NaGaDeMon] Gathering Components

Day 7: Still not king.

I spent a few minutes today and gathered some components. Yay, kitbashing!

I've swiped hexes, settlements, and cities from Settlers of Catan, and cubes from Ursuppe. Three colors matched between the two, so I've got pieces for 3 players. I'll keep the initial board small to minimize what I need, since I don't think I have enough pieces at the moment. I'll probably burn through those 5 settlements (denoting 3 cubes) and 4 cities (denoting 5 cubes) in no time.

Mental thumbnail: A board of 15 hexes means 60 power centers, plus a cube each for ownership. Hrm. Maybe I'll drop a terrain type and shrink the board to 12 for initial testing. New terrain types can get pushed to the Optional file. With 3 players, that small of a board will force some conflict quickly. Or with 2 players maybe I'll double up on colors to extend the usable supply of pieces...

Speaking of which, does anyone have a good source for wholesale colored wood cubes?

I'm starting to think how to order the rules to best effect. Component definition, what the board looks like, then startup and setting up the board, then how a turn works, then effects of specific actions - that seems to make the most sense. Now to actually finish writing the blessed rules.

All in all, still making progress. I should have something usable by Day 17, if not Day 10 this weekend. If it ain't beautiful, there's still time to rewrite and polish.


  1. Google is your friend, and so are your readers! I found these for you:

    1. Meeplesource? Cool! Oooh... And unpainted disks...

      I knew places like this existed, but I got stuck on Amazon and eBay, and other Google results. Guess I didn't dig deep enough.


  2. For parts, The Game Crafter seems promising. I don't know if they're cheap, though. Look also at dollar stores and craft shops, they might have something that can be repurposed pretty easily.

    A quick look around at other tokens suggests their prices aren't bad, though.

    1. Very cool. Thanks!

      Y'know it's probably worth it to compile a list of sources for game bits like this for easy reference. Hrm. Maybe in December...