[NaGaDeMon] Trainstorming

I took a look at the Birthright board game rules this morning. Not much there, as it's more focused on Regent characters and beating up everyone else. I'm shooting for more of a domain management game with a stronger focus on building each region.

Decisions: This will be a straight board game with hooks to use it in RPGs, not an add-on system to an RPG. Hopefully the game itself will work that way one I'm done.

Looking for ways to denote strength in a few categories on a hex space. Thinking of different-colored dice in d4 through d12. Elegant, and it lets you pick up dice from a hex and roll. Expensive to produce, so maybe tokens instead if this ever goes to production.

Also need a way to look at foreign influence by category in a hex. Tokens to sit the die on would work. May need to limit to one foreign influence per category for sanity, but we'll see how it plays out.

I'm getting some rules gelling in my head. Very cool. Will write them soon and start revising from there.

To get: sets of cheap dice. I may pass on the water hexes for now and trust the layout creativity of the players to make non-clumpy land masses and assume gaps are filled with water, either salt or fresh.

Still mucking with economy in my head, though the military mechanics may inform that.

What constitutes ownership of a hex? I want to allow conversion and economic takeover as well...

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