[NaGaDeMon] Post Zero.

There's a place and a time when the journey begins. Here is that place. Now is that time.

I just posted over at NaGaDeMon's 2012 Roll Call. So simple an act, but so big in meaning. I'm going to design and play a game in November. And you're invited to watch, cheer, provide feedback, and eventually play.

I'm going to move The Domain Game beyond the confines of vague system-like posts on the blog and into an actual system. It may not do everything I want out of the gate, and it may not even have the same province stats, but it will be workable and, more importantly, it will be done. And it will use Settlers of Catan terrain hexes.

Speaking of which, does anyone have any water hexes I could abscond with? Or at least any cheap sources of them? I'd rather not invest in Seafarers at retail just to cannibalize the water tiles.

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  1. I have a love for rule systems that model kingdoms, political intrigue and the world outside the dungeon. It gives the player a better connected feeling to the world in which they slaughter.

    I've not read your blog before but will be catching up on The Domain Game and watching your NaGa DeMon progress!