[Advert] Fantastic Action Fitness

Do you still use your headjack just to remember birthdays and watch action flicks?

Why not jump into the action and get a killer body?

Fantastic Action Fitness from Neural Reality Concepts sheds pounds by getting you into the game! Fitness has always been about mind over body. Now it's literal.

Become an action hero in your own head, and shed pounds at the same time! Fantastic Action Fitness Action Packs (sold separately) fit every mood:

  • Become Ronin Jason Chen in our latest Osaka Chrome: Bloodchip
  • Summon magic in the timeless classic Wizards & Warriors
  • Practice your acrobatic swordplay in the romantic epic Dueling Hearts
  • Live as rockerboy ganger StickWiz in Motor City Shakedown
  • Let your inner child experience Smell-O-Vision* in Stinkytoon's Curse

New worlds drop every month, so follow NRC's FAFWorldFeed to be the first to download. We also recruit beta testers from that feed, so follow us now for a chance at early access.
"Best virtsense experience I've ever had in my head. Immersive doesn't even begin to cover it. Spectacular gameplay that simultaneously tones your meatspace avatar. Wireheads, do yourself a solid and chip this app in. NOW! 98/100"
              - Johnny OneJack, HeadWare reviewer
Our patented SenScan technology learns the area around you and limits your movements in the game to avoid collisions. Simply set your time limit and play your flab away! Immerse all your senses* in the game and start turning heads today!
"FAF's Osaka Chrome series makes me a better bodyguard. I can train anywhere. Awesome moves just like the real gig. Get it and start running with the pros."
              - Mac, Bodyguard to the Stars
Mention this ad and get 10% off the Fantastic Action Fitness firmware, plus ditch the line and get a free upgrade to Priority Install. You'll be playing for rock-hard abs in 90 seconds or less GUARANTEED.

Play your way to a better body today!

Neural Reality Concepts
Reality is your choice.

* Requires the SenseProc upgrade to your headjack, guaranteed available in 15 minutes or less at any NRC Titanium Brainshop. Check your local megamall directory. Legal disclaimers available online.

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  1. Ahhh... one of my favorite pastime RPGs...
    I had two main books, and one them is still unopened.