SnakeLady's Lament

(380 words on this morning's train ride. This one wrote itself.)

SnakeLady: ARGH!
SnakeLady: I'm going crazy. I've looked at phlogiston, worn blindfolds to test the old theory of rays emitted from the eyes, and explored the dual nature of light.
SnakeLady: And still nobody can look me in the eyes.
By thedandmom
Spyder: What about hangouts or Skype?
SnakeLady: Remember the anonymous 911 calls you helped me with, Spyder?
Spyder: I thought that was just for fun.
SnakeLady: 3 petrified people around the world isn't funny.
SnakeLady: I'm just happy nobody's sharing things internationally in any useful way, or I'd be in trouble right now.
BigHammer: You are a monster, SnakeLady. I should take your head myself.
Spyder: Keep your traditionalist bullshit to yourself, Hambone.
<BigHammer left. Kicked by Spyder.>
Spyder: He'll have fun cleaning my kin out of his underwear drawer.
Spyder: Sorry for that, SnakeLady.
SnakeLady: No prob.
SnakeLady: Thanks.
Spyder: Anyone else need help finding the door?
tbird: Good here.
tbird: Zeus and Odin are still napping, Daedalu5, so I'll recharge the servers in a bit.
Daedalu5: Thanks tbird. I'm tired of fixing the tower every time DickHammer does it.
tbird: The movie money makes him impossible to deal with.
tbird: More impossible.
Thoth, found at
Wikimedia Commons
Spyder: Can we brainstorm some ideas for SnakeLady?
MrIbis: Haven't we done this before?
Spyder: Not this decade. You remember further back than most, MrIbis. Don't rub it in.
MrIbis: Very well.
SnakeLady: You don't have to, guys. I just need a place to vent.
Spyder: Please vent. I still owe you for helping me with the pesticide issue, and sharing is why we're here, yes?
SnakeLady: Pesticides are just chemistry. No big deal.
Spyder: I couldn't have solved it without you. Science is still Magic Juju to those who don't know it.
SnakeLady: Thank the gods for online learning.
MrIbis: On that point we agree.
SnakeLady: Too true.
SnakeLady: ...
SnakeLady: Thank you all. This is the one place I can go where I don't have to hide what I am. That's huge.
SnakeLady: Spyder, thanks for setting it up.
Spyder: D5 did the heavy lifting.
Daedalu5: I get bored easily. It's good to have goals.
Spyder: But you're welcome for my tiny contribution, SnakeLady.
Spyder: We all need a place to unwind with others who understand.
MrIbis: Agreed.
Spyder: So! Any ideas on avoiding petrification?

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