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Kinda like that.
Art by Khairul Hisham.
As seen in Covert Ops.
I'm reminded of a quote that never actually happened:
Not every post needs to be profound.
                                    - Me
I need to get a few things out of my head. Buckle up for Short Attention Span Theatre, and feel free to heckle.

The Bospor Incident
I'm almost done with prep for this Classic Traveller game. I've got 10 business cards with PCs, and another 10 with player props, info, and combat cheat sheets. I'm hoping I don't need the rulebooks at all during the run, and I think it'll be a fun time. Bonus: unused PCs can easily morph into NPCs, and I can add them in later as people walk up, especially when the feces hits the whirling blades. I'll be running at PAX East if not before, so hit me up if you want to play.


RIP Dave Trampier
RIP Tramp
For those of you hoping against hope for more Wormy at some point, that time has passed. Early TSR artist Dave Trampier has died, leaving behind iconic art and a half-explored wondrous world from the Wormy comic.

If you ever want to know how to pull off an "in media res" game start, pick any early Wormy comic (prior to, say, Dragon #64 when the wizard storyline really picks up) and pick up everything else from context. Each comic can stand alone, but it feels very much part of a larger whole. It seems like you're picking up the action in the middle, but most of the time the comic actually does stand alone. Every comic is very self-contained, but with hooks to and clues about the rest of the world embedded within. To me, that's pure storytelling magic.

John Kovalic dedicated today's comic to Tramp's memory over at Dork Tower. There's also a good sampling of art at Tor's obituary.

The Editor Edits
Working in the gaming industry continues apace. The Whispering Road should be coming back for a final proof soon, and then heading out to backers. I've recently agreed to work with Radiance House on a project for Pathfinder in the Age of Electrotech - those of you into steampunk will want to watch as this project gets closer to release.

There's more in the pipeline, but I do still have some time available for smaller projects. Please get in touch if you want to talk about working together.

PAX East
We're 2 weeks out. I'm getting excited. Guess I should figure out who wants this Saturday pass since I've got a speaker badge coming. Also where to sleep on Friday, 'cuz I'm probably not going to feel like driving after giving a panel at 10PM. But we'll see.

2 Minute Wombat
Sometimes I get these titles in my head, and then I try to fit a project to the title. I've dabbled with video editing, and I feel like it's something I want to do more of. So I'm toying with starting a vlog of sorts, devoting 2 minutes to a topic, most probably in the tabletop gaming/RPGs/GMing arena. I want it tight, high-octane, and punchy. None of this stream-of-consciousness rambling in front of a camera thing; I want you to forget yourself for 2 minutes and then want to binge-watch everything on the channel to fill your brain with good gaming advice.

It'll probably be an Ira Glass "The Gap" (YouTube link) situation for me, but if I don't start I'll never get there. Also relevant: Derek from Veritasium posted a video about starting a YouTube channel.

I know it's all handwaving at this point, but would you be willing to spend 2 minutes watching a video about GMing? What's your threshold at which the time invested in watching a video doesn't make sense? Do you watch gaming videos? Why or why not?

I enjoy performing in Mechanics Hall.
Upcoming Events
It's going to be a busy few weeks.
Brain dump complete. There's always more, so stay tuned.

Thanks for reading!

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