Classic Traveller - The Bospor Incident

I've been rolling up characters for Classic Traveller in support of an adventure I'm prepping for PAX. It'll be similar to an adventure I ran way back in college, but I'm refining it and calling it The Bospor Incident. I'll have pregens, so let me know if you'll be at PAX East and want to play. Either comment here or bug me through the medium of your choice.

Those of you familiar with Alien Legion (a late '80s comic I still love) may recognize the name, but I stole it and slapped it on a planet. It seemed to fit in my head. The characters start the game still in service, but that should change by the end of the session, one way or another.

I'm not giving these characters names, nor genders. That'll be up to the player to flesh out. And that's one of the great things about OSR systems - they leave plenty of space for the players to create and lead the game in unexpected ways. If the players want to fit their characters together and make some shared history, I'm in.

As for the characters, I'm using the enhanced character generation systems contained in books 4 through 7. Instead of one or two skills every 4 years, the potential exists for characters to get 7 skills a year through a series of very lucky rolls. So the characters come out of the gate younger and much better trained.

To whet your appetite, here's one of the characters I rolled up. I think this is the only character (of 10) with a skill at 3, so consider this one a specialist.

Marine Corporal (25 years old)
8B8755 Combat Rifleman - 1, Computer - 3, Electronics - 2, Handgun - 1
Decorations: 2 Blood Tabs (Purple Hearts)
Cloth Armor, ACR (slug ammo) with 4 spare clips (2 slug, 1 DS, 1 HE), 9mm Pistol with 2 spare clips, Arm-mounted ruggedized computer, electronics kit

Career Highlights
  • Drafted by Imperial Marines, Support Division as computer specialist.
  • Earned a promotion during an internal security assignment, then pulled a counterinsurgency ticket. Commended for creating network infiltration software to neutralize the insurgents' media communications.
  • Saw combat in a 2-year police action assignment - injured twice in the line of duty. Learned to overcome electronic security systems and repair computer hardware with limited resources.
  • Received specialist training in computers. Recognized as one of the best enlisted programmers of the year, and earned a second stripe.
  • Cross-trained with 533rd Marine Infantry, focusing in handgun combat.
Current Unit Assignment: CLASSIFIED
Current Deployment: Bospor

That should fit on an index card, right? Too much historical detail? Too little? Would planet names help solidify the assignments? What stories could you weave out of this character's past?

Bonus: only 2 characters died during character generation!

Thanks for reading!


  1. Only two died. Hand me them dice, I want to check them. Cheater! :p

    1. Heh. Worst survival roll was 5+ after DMs, I think, and even that wasn't on every term served. Exact roll for survival gives a Purple Heart, and I got 8 of those across 10 surviving characters. 16% mortality rate seems about right based on my experiences.