Link Dump with Nanogames

Time to clean out the browser again. Maybe today I'll get the new work laptop up and running.

Game Business

You'll Get Left Out, and That's Totally Cool by Ryan Macklin hit me at a good time. I needed to hear this, to accept that I can't do it all, to know that other people will get to do cool things instead of me, and to come to grips with it without going mad.

Fitz over at Moebius Adventures gives us a glimpse behind his publishing curtain in Infinity Loop: March 2015.

Daniel Solis shares his most recent quarter of card game sales in Smart Play Games Sales Report - Q1 2015.


What's smaller than a microgame? Nanogames! Here's a working definition of nanogames and a collection of links to various nanogames over at Fine Mess Games.

If you want to write your own, there's a 200 Word RPG Challenge running until Friday 10 May 2015. There are a few prizes available, so if you're interested in writing a nanogame or providing prizes for the challenge, please get in touch with David Schirduan through Google Plus or via his Technical Grimoire site.

Game Links

Fred Hicks writes down his mental flowchart for handling the mythical "Discover" action using nothing but existing Fate Core actions in this Google Plus post.

The Impact of Character Experience by John Adamus covers experience models in games and character arc advancement in novels, and gives plenty to think about with both approaches.

This interview with Emily Care Boss gives some insight into game design in Five Things I Learned Working on Breaking the Ice. I think "Design Angry" works really well to get the initial concept off the ground.

How Designing LARPs Trained Me to Become a Better Game Designer focuses on Tatiana Delgado's experience and how those concepts generalize into great advice. Writing for a specific audience, looking at your current resources, and creating everything you can are all great points. Even unplayable game experiments are resume builders.

Cool Things Tangentially Related to Games

I recently tripped across Dungeons & Drafts, a geek and tabletop RPG pub coming soon in Fort Collins, CO. I love this concept, and I hope they manage to break even after their Kickstarter. If you're anywhere nearby, check them out. If you're not nearby, how do we turn this idea into a nation-wide chain?

Introverts as Leaders (Briefly) takes a look at two strengths introverts possess which make great leadership qualities. Since so many of us in the Tabletop RPG space are introverts, this seemed relevant.

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