Eentra, The Goddess Between

Some call her Hecate, but
her name is more ancient.
Most scholars can’t agree on the exact time of day or the nature of the present moment, but all of them agree on Eentra’s status as the firstborn of the Human Gods. Before humanity could talk and before their tribes grew into urban centers of trade, people disagreed with each other. They formed opinions different from others of their kind, and in doing so they created a gap in understanding, a tiny gulf between what is and what should be, an uncomfortable space of simultaneous doubt and conviction. Eentra’s consciousness filled this void the very moment the first two humans disagreed.

Scholars disagree about when Eentra first coalesced, or even how she sprang from nothingness. Personally, I enjoy the thought that a disagreement over what to have for dinner first called her into existence. Berries again, or rabbit again? She has rarely let a mealtime pass since without creating a place for herself well before the food is served.

She grew from division, from doubt, from fear, from strife, and yet she abhors conflict. She prefers to take a tiny sacrifice and move on, closing the distance between the sides as she goes. She encourages action and compromise even as she dwells in inaction and potentials. She has been the patron of diplomats, politicians, and merchants, whether they realized it or not.

After people named her, some started the practice of setting a place for her at the table and serving her a little taste of everything, thus removing indecision and disagreement and sending her away to inhabit another gap between the sides of a yet-to-be-reached agreement.

Lately some have heard a woman's laughter in the space between deciding to do something and its implementation. This limbo zone between what is and what should be fits with what we know about Eentra, but it’s unclear if she or another supernatural entity inhabits this space.

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