[RPGaDay 2017] Day 3: How do you find out about new RPGs?

Basically I find out about new games from three main sources:

  1. Google+ - The Ploos is still my main social network. I'm on Facebook a fair amount, and Twitter occasionally. One of these days I should look into Pinterest and Instagram, too.
  2. Gamer Assembly - Yep, we still chat on IRC fairly regularly. I hear about projects and upcoming releases roughly once a week.
  3. Kickstarter - Since tabletop games are booming on Kickstarter, I'll occasionally browse the Tabletop Games category and look for interesting projects. There are 246 active tabletop game projects as of this writing, so there's a fair amount to browse through. There's no specific RPG category, so I always run the risk of finding interesting board games and card games. C'est la vie.
Friends and random interactions at cons and game days fill in my knowledge gaps.

Yeah, short and sweet. 'Til tomorrow, then.

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