[RPGaDay 2017] Day 4: Which RPG have you played the most since August 2016?

I've mostly played Classic Traveller. I actually ran The Bospor Incident at PAX East back in March. I've got some feedback, and I need to print some more Data Point cards to give some more information to the players, but it went well. I may need to rework the stats for Mongoose Traveller and see how that works - probably pretty well.

That was an easy determination to make, because I can count on two fingers the times I've played RPGs in the past year. Lordy, that needs to change.

I typically find myself with 30-90 minutes of free time well after dark. That's not conducive to playing, in my mind. Definitely not face-to-face, anyway. I'll work on it, but the house renovation is totally capitalizing my time.

Until the morrow.

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