[Dicember 2021] Moonstone of Returning

Moonstone of Returning

This tiny polished moonstone measures about 1 cm per side and a few mm thick. It radiates mild conjuration magic, and catches the eye with glints of light.

Moonstone (iridescent sodic feldspar) 5

When held against an object for three seconds, it magically sticks. Unsticking it takes 3 seconds of contact. When the moonstone is tapped and the object is thrown or projected away from the wielder, it reappears in the wielder's hand when it comes to rest within 500 meters.

This may take several rounds if, say, an arrow misses its target and gets caught by a current in a stream, or it sticks in a target who runs away. This effect may also damage the wielder if it's attached to something heavy like a boulder which might hurt when it suddenly appears in a hand.

Prompt: Ammo, #1 in the 31-part Dicember 2021 challenge, as created by Brian Bird and promoted by Dyson Logos. Wombat's Dicember 2021 List of Posts.


Image credit: James St. John, CC BY 2.0, via Wikimedia Commons

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