Wildside Emporium

Found on the Cliffside of Level 4 at the wall edge of Talltown, the Wildside Emporium features a wildly-painted forest scene on its twelve-foot double doors. Inset on the right-hand door are two more doors, one human-sized, and one suited for smaller folk.

Inside, the ceiling towers twenty feet overhead, allowing all but the tallest giants to stand comfortably. A small ledge halfway up the back wall holds an end table and a pile of books next to a hammock hung between the side walls. Ladders on both walls allow access to the ledge, though the ladder on the right is draped with clothes on hangers and scarves hung over the rungs. The narrow shop features shelves climbing up the walls crammed with all manner of tools, art objects, weapons, and jewelry. A few tables break up the space leading to the counter across the back.

The proprietor, Thea Willowstaff, will buy nearly anything within reason, though her cash reserves aren't the largest. If you want to purchase something specific, Thea will give you endless ideas for things that come very close. You'll rarely get what you want, but you can certainly find something you need in the barely-organized heap of goods for sale.

Patrons will find an array of minor magical items for sale at extremely reasonable prices. For every item sold, a full 50% will have unexpected effects (either good or bad). If you want to introduce cursed items into your game, the Wildside Emporium might just have it for sale.

Part of T.W.Wombat's #City23 project. See the Fellport Index for all entries.

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