Bosun "Cutter" - Qadira Ede

Qadira took her first breath in the hands of a priest to the all-powerful Osanobua twenty-five years ago, her arrival at the palace celebrated as a divine birth that expanded the ruling Ede family. Her older brother and sister performed their roles in the ceremony well, and Qadira went on to perform the same roles for her three younger siblings in her youth. Her mother Emotan Ede made her fortune in trading, and invested her wealth to create schools for all children in the entire Ndali kingdom.

True to form, Emotan made sure that all her children had the best possible education. Qadira hated the rote lessons, but she still learned what she could about the kingdom and how it works. She excelled with weapons training, with her powerful frame giving her a massive physical advantage. She learned new weapons easily and learned to use her body's strength and flexibility to great advantage, but she focused most of her time on a massive two-handed tulwar as her main weapon. A blade that large helped with her intimidating presence, and it led her to worship Ogun the metalworking son of Osanobua.

Qadira's great-uncle Adozo Ede rules as Oba of the expanding kingdom of Ndali from the brick-walled capital city of Ndali-Tota. She has 21 relatives in line for the throne ahead of her, so she resigns herself to serving one of her cousins as a general in the years to come. Until her family calls for her, she will continue to explore life outside of Ndali, in hopes of learning enough to raise her station back home to serve as some sort of diplomat instead. She speaks her native Ubini, but has learned Common and Okulari and a smattering of phrases in several other languages.

On her seventeenth birthday, she got her mother's blessing and petitioned to wander the world on behalf of Oba Adozo, looking for trade opportunities and the gathering of knowledge. She wandered the area for a few years, then headed across Olokun's Ocean to wander the other side of the world. Her ship went down, and the crew of the Grey Rover fished her out of the water. She confided in Oya, one of Captain Pete's officers, who nursed her back to health and became a fast friend, giving her the nickname "Cutter".

Once Captain Pete got caught in a raid, Qadira threw her support behind Oya as the new captain. She now enjoys the post of Bosun on the Grey Rover and has for the past 3 years. She still has the written orders from Oba Adozo, so if they Grey Rover ever gets caught, she can claim that they're actually Ndali Corsairs with some limited form of diplomatic immunity.

Qadira cuts a striking figure, her muscular six foot five frame and powerful voice commanding the crew with effortless efficiency. She keeps her head shaved, and her large brown eyes express laughter and anger with equal intensity. She wears a custom-made blackened adamantine breastplate which almost matches her skin color, and she always has her prized blackened tulwar across her back when not in her hands.

Bosun "Cutter"
Ndali Human Battlemaster Fighter (Level 6) (Noble Background; Great Weapon Master Feat)
Str 18  Dex 12  Con 14  Int 8  Wis 10  Cha 14
Acrobatics +4, Athletics +7, History +2, Intimidation +5, Persuasion +5

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